My husband does this, does yours?

:smiley: My husband tucks me in at night, kisses me, tells me he loves me, and rubs my back until I fall asleep. I know it sounds paternal or whatever, but it’s really not. I feel loved. I guess I should stop being so mean to him. I wonder what he’d do then. Hmmm :smiley:

That’s so sweet! Nope, mine doesn’t do that. But he does kiss me goodbye, even if he’s just going to the store. A common practice in newlyweds, but not for sixteen year weds.

I tuck in my girlfriend, give her soft kisses on the back of her neck and then read aloud to her in a soothing voice until she falls asleep.

When I have nightmares, Hubby will hold my hand while I’m still asleep. It makes the bugaboos calm down and makes waking up so much nicer.

No, no, no! Whatever you do, don’t stop being mean to him! Training a proper doormat takes a lot of time and effort – let up on the meanness for even a second and it’s all for nothing. Before you know it, he’s expecting you to rub his back!

We always kiss each other goodnight. If my husband did what the husband in the OP does, I’d probably start squirming and smack his hand. I’m not a touchy-feely person at all and I could not fall asleep to that.

I couldn’t fall asleep during my husband’s backrubs - he gives the really hard but good-feeling ones that just border on “ow, stop that”. I need quiet to fall asleep, and that would be too much to deal with. Even him breathing on my face can be too much distraction, so we don’t sleep face-to-face.

I beat my wife with a fence-post while cursing her like a sailor till she slips into a coma for the night.

I wake her up at 4am by whipping her with barbed wire and dunking her feet in acid.

Then I take her out for breakfast and shopping.

How is Rap like Porn? Both are better with the sound turned off.

Ladies and gentlemen…we have out Husband of the Year! Let’s all give a big hand to gatopescado!

:smiley: Yeah, I wish! When I have a nightmare, one of those bolt-upright-gasping-for-breath ones, one of those oh-my-god-I’m-about-to-die ones, it’s usually at 3:30 in the morning. My heart beats like a drum, my eyes so wide they feel like they’re going to pop out, and I make this hoarse grunting shout – and I turn to my husband and what’s he doing?

Is he saying “Sweetie, what’s wrong? Poor love,” and croodling me?

Nope, he’s snorting like a half-dead pig, mouth wide open and drooling. I usually stare at him in shock for a minute, and shout, “I just had such a bad nightmare!”

No response.

Irritated, I elbow him in the ribs a few times until he grunts awake and mumbles, “Whahuh?”

“I just had a nightmare!”

Then I can look forward to him throwing an arm over me, maybe causing bruises, and falling directly back to sleep. Actually falling is probably not the right word – it’s more like plunging or hurdling.

And I get even more irritated, think about punching him a couple of times, and then fume.

After a while the humor gets to me and I go back to sleep smiling!

Sounds nice.

Re: Being mean. I’m reading The Art of Seduction and the author seems to advocate being mean as a way to keep the seduction going. Nowadays they say that you can’t love somebody until you love yourself; however, the classics say that you can’t love until some piece of you is missing. Maybe when you are nice, you should be extra nice.

When I had a husband, he would just roll over fart and start to snore - notice he ain’t around no mo’!!

But last night I did get tucked in very nicely by my current sweetie. He doesn’t do it all the time. We live pretty far apart so one of us always has to make the long drive but last night he just told me to stay in bed and he would lock up when he left. It was fabulous…

flight, my husband and I also like to read aloud to each other. The only problem is that if I’m the least bit tired, being read to sends me right to sleep. It’s so soothing.

We don’t do any falling-asleep cheesysweet things 'cause one or the other of us is usually still awake reading while the other is falling asleep. But I always kiss him goodbye before I leave for work in the morning, and he very often wakes up earlier than he would otherwise need to in order to make me coffee, and he hands it to me with a kiss, already fixed up just the way I like it, ready for me to walk out the door with it. It’s the Coffee Ritual.


Friggin’ hilarious!!

El Hubbo and I kiss each other goodbye whenever we leave each other. We hold hands while walking around, pinch each other’s butts up stairs, call each other “Hon” and “Babe,” talk in a special accent to each other, etc.

Our neighbors are about at the “Puke-On-Sight” stage with us.


Just passed 14 years on August 31st.

<relatively new husband checking in>
I don’t tuck her in, since she usually is in bed by nine and I can’t even think about bed til eleven or so, and the dogs are usually part of her going to bed ritual - namely, piling in with her, keeping my side warm til I get upstairs and order them into their own damned beds.

However, I do make it a point to wake up each morning, walk her to the door (she leaves for work one hour before I do), give a goodbye smoochie/ass grab/whatever works at the moment, and see her on her way. She seems to like this pretty well.

If I even mention my husband’s name at work, cries of “Is he here? Cyn’s husband is here? How sweeeeeeeet! He Is soooooo sweeeeeeeeeeet! What did he bring? Did he bring the twins? He brought her flowers last time, no, it was cookies, no, he brought cookies for all of us, remember?” float along the hallway.

My husband keeps his massive biceps clenched around me the entire night through, which pretty much keeps me from getting any rest at all. Before he falls asleep, he likes to whisper into my ear how he owns me, how I’m his woman for life, and what he’s going to do to me in the morning, during lunch, and in the yard. He always helps me wash up in the shower when we wake up, but he keeps knocking the soap out of my hands, the silly guy! The nicest thing is that he always fights off any other guy who looks at me. Sometimes he’ll even sneak up on them in the lunchroom and shank them from behind.

Seeing him fight for my love reminds me that I really am a lucky guy!


Now when I say rub I don’t mean massage. I mean y’know, just a rub. I need my space when I sleep so thank God for a king sized bed. I was just thinking how good he is to me and I’m such a pain. Maybe it’s cuz i’m from the north and he’s from the south. I shold work on that heh.

But reading all your posts lets me know there are other sweet (and some odd) men out there!

Course I’ve only been married for three years :slight_smile: Does it stop after a while? will anyone read this? lol