My uncle has two anus's.

It’s true. The family knows about it. He says the “other” one is kind of rudimentary and doesn’t attach to anything. More of a “hollow” as he puts it but he has to keep it clean or it could get infected according to his doctor.

I’ve often (ok not often) wondered if it is the remains of a twin that got almost all the way absorbed then decided “well if your going to absorb me then I’m gonna leave you with this!!” (picture mooning fetus here).

As a side note if you ever want to see the greatest look on a co-workers face just be silent for like an hour then suddenly turn to to him and say, “Whats the plural of anus?”

So what about YOU? Got any medical freaks in your family?


OH!! I just thought of something!!!

If the plural of anus was anui you could say “anui a stinker!”

Shouldn’t it be anuses?

YEAH YOUR RIGHT! Of course! I should have known. Duh.

anus’s is possesive… I dont even want to think about what that means now.

Hmmm, I didn’t know you had a brother.


Sorry, man it was supposed to be a fuckin’ joke. My apologies.


Oh, and…


That is all.

At least he doesn’t have an extraneuos scrotum. That would be nastier.

God damnit do I have to use fuckin smilies with everything I say? :):):):):):):):):):):):):slight_smile:


I can take a shot. I swear. :wink:

Sounds like a pilonidal cyst to me.

So how did your family find out about your Unca’s anui?
I hope he’s never been to jail.

:ducking twice: :smiley:

Hey Asmodeus. What good is a link like that if there are no pictures. We want pictures!

Asmo, I had a pilonidal cyst, but it was basically on the tip of my tailbone–several inches from the rectum.

Besides, his doctor said so. :slight_smile: Pilonidal cysts aren’t too hard to identify; I don’t think the doc would’ve missed it. But hey, might be worth asking.

And ya know, I was just gonna ask if the other one was actually his mouth…
Heard that in the Army, so sory if you got offended…


I was just wondering if he can fart in two part harmony.

This isn’t nearly as exciting as having two assholes on one person (a double asshole . . . hmmm), but my parents are both right-handed and my sister and I are both left-handed. So we’ve got mutated genes, or so modern science tells us. I think. Anyway, we’re something weird. They wanted us to participate in a study and some other stuff to try to find the gene. Dad didn’t like the idea, so we only did a survey.

OK, he has two anii(?) does he have three buttocks?

You know, It’s topics like this that make me glad that this board no longer allows images to be posted.