Nad's users: Little help?

So I finally got a Nad’s kit, but I’m not sure this is going to work out for me.

I started on my left arm. My arms are the main reason I got this stuff. They’ve always been hairy, but now I’m starting to look like a guy. Thing is, the instructions only give me the gist of it: they don’t tell much about technique, or the vagaries of the product itself.

First of all, I don’t find it painful to speak of. I once had to pull duct tape off my arm (long story), and that was worse, but even that was not bad as such.

I got a very satisfying bare patch on my first attempt, but after that, I was alternately successful and not succesful, and I couldn’t figure out why it worked when it did work, and why it didn’t when it didn’t.

[li]This stuff is thicker than honey. How do I get it to spread?[/li][li]How much skin should I be able to cover at one time?[/li][li]I think part of the problem is that I didn’t pull my skin tight like the instructions said to.[/li][li]But I don’t understand this business of spreading in the direction the hair grows. How can I tell the direction in which the hair grows?[/li][li]The instructions say that if the goop has had contact with your skin for more than 20 seconds, it will be warmed and become ineffective. If you have one of those cloths covered with goop, can you leave it to cool off and have another go?[/li][/ul]

I finally stopped when all four cloths had been used, rinsed out and left to dry. “It still doesn’t hurt,” I told Mr. Rilch, “but I think when your skin’s this red, it’s time to stop doing what you’re doing.” There are still hairy patches on my arm, but the bare patches are smooooooooth. Well, they feel smooth, but I can see some very fine hairs still hanging on.

Any suggestions? Thanx in advance!

People use Nads? I always laughed at the commercial because it looks SO incredibly painful, and it looks like snot mixed with tar.

The only constructive thing I can contribute to the OP is that direction of hair growth is just the way the hair lies on the skin…does it lay with the ends of the hair pointing towards your wrist, or your elbow…apply in that direction.

I tried Nad’s and couldn’t get any kind of decent result. I think holding the skin tight is the key. Really, you need a helper to do this for you as you can’t hold your own arm skin taught while at the same time yanking the cloth strip. I notice in the commercials that they always demonstrate it with one person applying it to another. It’s a two person job.

I gave up and threw mine away.

Same here. Too sticky, hard to do, painful, and not worth the trouble in general.