Naked Smackdown Boozefest

In celebration of my promotion at work I’ve decided to have a get together with my favorite things. That would be pro wrestling,alcohol, and nudity. I’ve got the big screen tv,five cases of MGDL bottles,3 bottles of Cuervo,5 bottles of Cristal,a bottle of Everclear,a Twister game,baby oil,reddi whip and chocolate syrup.

I was thinking we’d watch wrestling (I’ll explain who is who for the wrestling impaired),drink heavily and see where the night takes us.

Who’s in?

Pro-wrestling, alcohol and nudity?
Nope, never would have guessed that about you hardygrrl.
Congrats on the promotion.

Thanks…it’s been ten months of busting my ass and resisting the urge to tell my boss what I really think.

So therefore I’m in the mood to let loose.

:::dowms a shot of Cuervo:::

So far just me and Blur…where’s Little Tassie,Tequila Mockingbird,etc?

Well, you have to figure Smackdown isn’t going to be on TV until Thursday. So I guess we’re just the pre-party. Can I still call you Lita?

Well Smackdown is taped on Tuesday so we can celebrate that,tomorrow will be the one day to Smackdown party and Thursday-Smackdown viewing.

And you can call me Lita if I can call you Jeff. :wink:

If you want, we can look at the Smackdown results tonight, then amaze everyone else with our predictions.

As the official person in charge of jello pits, I must ask:

Will there be nude wrestling?

and congratulations on the promotion!

Fear not, it is I, Crunchy Frog, superhero to the hedonistic.

Wherever nudity and alcohol is to be found: I’ll be there.
Wherever women voluntarily take off their clothing: I’ll be there.
Wherever the words baby oil, reddi whip, and Twister are used in the same sentence: I’ll be there!

So here I am. Let’s get naked and oil each other up. :smiley:

Hi Arden. I’m seeing you all over the place tonight it seems.
Hey Crunchy, if hardygrrl decides to call you Matt, just go along with it, ok. Trust me on that one.


Greetings, blur!

I’m on a giddy high. I just finished three lit reviews and a paper for another class. EARLY!

I rock.


I now return you to your regularly scheduled nudity.

Hey hardygrrl, I think I spilled some honey on myself. Can I get some help here.
And you can give me the broncobuster anytime you want.
Hi again Arden. Yes, you do rock.

:::licks honey off Blur:::

Anything else I can help you with?

Wow, this is starting to look scarily like another thread on MPSIMS… :slight_smile:

Mind if a newbie (both to SDMB and pro wrestling) joins you? I brought a twelver of Bass and some hard lemonade…

:becoming quite jaded from attending all the nekkid parties:

:Yawns, examining fingernails thinking “I need a manicure”:

>bored Daria voice: yes baby, yes baby, pour an excessive amount of that chocolate sauce that will probably stain my new Victoria’s Secret panties beyond redemption and whipped cream that contains hundreds of calories that I don’t need and will probably go straight to my thighs on me now,

:yawn, making mental shopping list"let’s see I need milk, cheese, lettuce…:

>Bored Daria voice: oh yes that is just the way your big mama likes it, uh huh do me baby

:hand over mouth stifling a yawn “Jeeez I need a nap”:

:aside to the camera: Come on people, show me something original, daring and exciting. Make me *** feel *** it again.

>Continuing Bored Daria Voice: yes oh yes it is getting good to me now.


No, not just another druken nekkid fest.

No, not any “how YOU doin’?”

Just sex. Pure, filthy, blindfolded-and-handcuffed-to-the-headboard, neighors-pounding-on-the-wall, out-of-breath, sweaty-bodies-slappin’-and-sliding, scare-the-dog, don’t-even-know-your-name sex. You’ll be hoarse from the shrieks. Dehydrated from the sweat. Pulse racing, heart pounding, quivery knees, eyes bugged way out. Then we’ll get serious about it and break some furniture.

:eyebrow arches, head turns slowly:

Ok you got my attention. I’m listening.

Is that all?

Mermaid, I’m really not one to brag about my physical condition or …er, …ahem, … attributes, but honey, you ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet. My current list of nicknames includes “Big UncleBill”, and “Wild UncleBill”, and those are the ones I can post. For heaven’s sake there may be children and faint hearted folks here. I cannot afford to be haphazard in telling what could happen, I could have a lawsuit on my hands!

Certainly no we wouldn’t want any lawsuits. I’m afraid I must insist on a private inquisition in my sound-proof chambers right over here.

It’s the room with the “Abandon all hope ye who enter here” sign on the door, and a monstrous king-sized uhm “workbench” complete with padded headboard with built-in manacles and 15 drawers stocked with toys, lingerie, more toys, fur-lined cuffs,even more toys, a gross of batteries,a feather duster, whips, chains, leather and lube–you know the necessities. There’s also an oxygen tank and a message board to write on if need be.

Never mind those people over there against the wall. They are my personal assistants in charge of sweat-wiping, dog handling, beverage dispensing etc. They also come in handy for getting to all those hard to reach places. :wink:


if you still want that Broncobuster come over here with me.

:::takes Blur by the hand and pushes him down onto the couch:::

Or I could give you a Hurricarana if you’d like that better…it’s all up to you.

And by thw way…I just spilled honey on myself…can you nelp me out? :wink:


Just read the Smackdown spoilers…

The Hardyz have a good match<<<getting excited…starting to feel tingly>>>

:::looks at Blur-then at Twister board-back to Blur:::

Oh no-Jeff took another major bump!<<<guess he’s not going to show and if he does will be in no condition to play>>>

::makes sad face::

I really need SOMETHING to make me feel better and to distract me-Steve Blackman’s dancing?

Now I definitely need something to block THAT out.

::drinks from Cristal bottle and pours the rest all over her naked body::

ps-Just so you know-one of my nicknmaes is Lita…Must be the red hair…