Name racerx's boobs

I’d have her go with…

Spritle and Chim Chim.


chief you are awesome! you’ve made my day.

FTR they are small and unassuming. the only other names for them have been quite unflattering.

Go and Speed Racer

Go speed racer, go speed racer, go speed racer go

I’d like to contribute but think we need more information to come up with flattering yet appropiate names. Are we talking “winky and tinky” or “Gog and Magog” here?

Topu on the left, Giggio on the right

As much as I liked the toppugiggio comment, I have to cast my vote as:

Betty and Veronica

(althought Tongue and Teeth came up second on my list)

need and pills

I’m thinking:

Nibble and Pinch

(see, you could get the names tattooed above them, just as a helpful hint to whoever’s down there)

How about “Yes, it did hurt” and “no, you can’t see them”?

Or maybe Mama and Ree?

Thelma & Louise

ChiefScott is evil. First the tongue-twister in the Pit (that I couldn’t get outta my head all day at work), and now a positively evil speed racer and boob thread - all in one! I’m talking E-ville! [mike myers]Like the fru-its, of the dev-ille[/mm]

I’d like to shake your hand CS, it’s not too often that people can invade my head twice in one day, kudos.

punk snot dead,

Wichita and Fargo

(No real reason.)

Um… broccoli!?

As used to unadulterated adulation as I am, I am still occasionally confronted with a post of mine that I don’t remember.

What Pit tongue twister?

It’s from a bumped pit thread where wally was flirting with kellibelli, ayesha and byz. Closed by alphagene today.

I think.

Something about posts and ghosts, I used all my Jedi mind tricks to forget it.


Tit and Tat.

I used to know a girl who had what she called “Texas Tits” because one always pointed towards Dallas and the other to Fort Worth.

Port and starboard, of course this will require a red jewel in the left and a green jewel in the right piercing.

I’d go with Tisket and Tasket. If racerx is blonde, she can also have a Little Yellow Basket.

The Shooting Stars
(plural for the name of Racer X’s car on Speed Racer)

[sub]You know, I really watched too much of that damned show.[/sub]