Nats Win!!!!!

Been waiting a third of a century to say that.

7-3, over the Phils. Wilkerson hit for the cycle - first time a Nats player has done that in 41 years.

Nats are at .500!

Happy dances here in the heart of democracy. I wish they had named them the Greys, but a win is a win.

161-1 baby! Wilkie is on track to hit 81 homers! (Not to mention 81 triples…) Termel Sledge too.

I tried to watch opening day at a bar down here in Texas but they didn’t have the game. A buddy let me watch last nights game with his account. I may have to get my own. Just seeing a bunch of guys with “Washington” on their jerseys; I still can hardly believe it. I was born and raised in DC and was never able to give my heart to the Orioles. Have to admit that PAngelos made it extra difficult. Now I have a team.

I think Bowden improved this team from last year. Combined with the support and stability they will experience this year, I believe the team will be decidely better than last year. I don’t see the playoffs (especially in that division), but a .500 record is within reach, I think.

By the way, I would urge potential Natsfans to check out, a website with lots of very knowledgable baseball fans, and no trolls. It’s also the website of the team fanclub.

Go Nats!

Caught it on XM. Woot!

I’m stilling wildly pissed off that this has happened, you know.

Lucky bastard.


Maybe we could all meet at a game and enjoy an icy beverage?

That would be a possibility worth considering. I’ve already got tix for a couple of games, but nothing until June, and I’d like to see a game or two sooner than that.

Nyaah, nyaah!

And now they’re 2-1, and leading the NL East, at least for a few hours, until the Braves-Marlins game ends tonight:

Washington 2 1 .667
Atlanta . . . 1 1 .500
Florida . . . 1 1 .500
Philadelphia 1 2 .333
New York . . 0 3 .000

And, cheerfully, I’ve got Wilkerson in my no-holds-barred Roto league. Couple more of those, please, Brad.

I really wish you guys kuck with your new team. At least until MLB finds a way to rip your heart out.

Thanks to an enjoyable visit to Atlanta, the Nats are 5-4, and tied for the NL East lead, as they get ready for their home opener tonight. Yeehaw!