Need $100,000 fast. Any suggestions?

I need to make some extra money. $100,000 as a matter of fact. It’s sort of beyond the scope of what I could make with a paper route or a part-time job at Starbucks, I think. Plus, I’ve got a very demanding job, so I don’t have a whole lot of spare time.

Any ideas?

I need about 35,000

So if someone could just provide a partial answer that would be great.

Get a sugar momma?

Get a paper round.
Use it as an excuse to case rich folks’ houses for expensive consumer goods and lax security.

Become friends with a Nigerian Prince.

Winning lotto ticket?

Walk around looking for ten million stray pennies?

Start with $200,000 and gamble half of it away. :smack:

Kiss every frog you can find. No wait, that’s princes - what do rich princesses get magically turned into?

Invent the next big thing for the internet.

Home Equity Loan or Second Mortgage?

Is it for something you could go to the bank for, for a loan?

How much is in your 401k, maybe you can get a loan against that, then at least you are paying yourself back, but it does screw with your retirement a little. You might need to work an extra year longer than if you don’t take the loan against it.

Remember, take a loan against your 401k, don’t just withdraw, then you get the tax penalty.

How quick do you need the money?


Sell various body parts.

Or just rent out specific body parts.

I need the money pretty quick - a month or two, tops. Borrowing is out, out, out. And ixnay on the 401k raid.

Like what? I think the only thing I could spare would be a single kidney, and that’s barely enough for an appetizer.

Is this serious?
If you won’t borrow the money, the only way you’re going to score 100k in a couple of months is either getting stupidly lucky, or stealing it–which would require stupid luck to pull off without being caught.

True. If we had a repository of workable 50k-per-month schemes to suggest to you, we’d already be doing them ourselves.

Bah. Not everyone is as greedy as you, mate. You mean to tell me there’s no way an ambitious young man can earn $100,000 in a few weeks if he’s willing to work moderately hard for it (and as long as it doesn’t interfere with my regular job)?

I thought you must be joking. :confused:

I have acquired $100,000 after working in a high-paying for a decade.

I have won **$50 ** in a two minute chess game.

But it’s obvious that there is no safe legal way to acquire large sums of money fast.


The key term here is earn. If you don’t get hung up on this one word, a whole universe of possibilities opens up.