Need euphemisms for "birthday"

The wackier, the better. Any suggestions?

“Annual return?” “Natal Anniversary?” Oh, you said wacky… I’ll leave that to the experts.

I always call it things like “oldness anniversary” or “age reminding ceremony.” I am such a hilarious guy.

I like “Oldness anniversary”. I approve of your hilarity, because it so closely aligns with mine.

Congratulations! You haven’t died in the last year!
Happy Your mom’s body regeced you like a virus anniversary!
Today is the anniversary of the first time you were spanked!

Best I can do in the morning.

Hatching day

A euphemism is a milder substitute for a potentially offensive term. That doesn’t seem to make sense in this context.

What exactly are you asking for?

Celebration of getting one year closer to death.

I call mine “National Raymond Day”, Raymond being my actual name. To date, nobody else other than my close circle of friends have taken up celebrating it, but I keep trying.

It’s December 16th, if you are so inclined.

To be honest, the full title is “National Raymond Day, and Regionally Recognized Non-Denominational Justin-themed Holiday”, as my little brother and I share a birthday, but since I was first, the bigger holiday is mine.

Happy You-Flashed-Everybody-In-The-Room-Your-Goodies Day!

You made it another trip around the sun!

Another year not looking up at the daisies!

No dirt nap for you, yet!

The anniversary of the day you got pulled through your mother’s vagina!

Perhaps I should have used a different word. You’re right; a euphemism isn’t exactly what I had in mind. I know what the word means, but I’m looking for sarcastic/funny ways of describing a birthday, but that seems like a roundabout way of saying it. Does that clarify? All the answers I’ve got so far are exactly the sort of thing I’m looking for, though.

Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary

[singsong voice]“Another Day Closer to Being Dead”[/singsong voice]

Happy Pro-Choice Day!

Merry Uterus Liberation Day?

The unmentioned day. ‘just another day’. Not my special day.

I don’t celebrate my birthday. People who know that have used those ways to describe it. Not calling it my birthday doesn’t annoy me any less because you’re still drawing attention to it. Ok, I’ll quit ranting…

“How was your trip around the Sun?”

“Dirt Nap Anticipation Day”

For some unknown reason in my family it’s called “Reaching Your Sell-By Date.”