Need help finding shelter for an abused woman

I need help finding shelter for a friend of mine. She is a senior citizen in the Los Angeles Area with very limited income. She has endured constant emotional abuse and occasional physical abuse from her husband of 32 years (who is threatening to have her committed).

Anyone know of shelters in the LA area, or links to sites of resources. My google search did not turn up much.

I’d suggest you start with the L.A. County Adult Protective Services department. Their webpage gives a two toll-free numbers you can call: 888-202-4CIU during business hours or 877-477-3646 after hours. It says social workers are available to take reports 24 hours a day.

If they can’t help you or if you feel more comfortable calling a shelter directly, the Department of Public Safety has a Domestic Violence page with a list of hotline numbers and the page also contains this information:

I hope you can find your friend some help soon. Good luck.

Well, geez, dude, whadja Google under? :confused:

“battered women shelter los angeles”?

Hotline numbers.

And of course, Social Services…