need help w/ song id

An alternative rock song, perhaps from late 90’s, is short at about 2:40, have used google but cannot find this song to identify it. Sung with complex harmony throughout, verse guitar has kind of a wahwah sound, and sounds like a sitar is being used during instrumental break.
The lyrics are, as nearly as I can tell…

“what you up to now little girl, it’s been so long since I have seen you last”
“…and all these dreams as real as they may seem never seem to work out, the way that you planned…”

chorus: “and what have you got to lose but a beautiful girl or a little cool” (word “cool” is sustained, and then inspirationally transformed into a scat/humming along with melody/beat, “woo ooh-ooh-ooh, oo-oo-oooh”)

Is a really great song, recorded it from satellite Alternative Rock broadcast over a decade ago (back when directv operated their own music service, before they handed it over to Sirius/XM, and now Sonic [del]Crap[/del] Tap), is one of the favorite songs in my collection that has remained unidentified/unnamed, would appreciate knowing who does this song, am now turning to the vast warehouse-knowledge of the posters of the SD to help in this quest.

Might try feeding the lyrics you’re most absolutely sure of into youtube. That works for me sometimes. I tried what you gave but noting looked familiar or similar.

Try a smartphone app like SoundHound or Shazam. I’ve found SoundHound pretty useful for identifying obscure music.

I take it the vocalist is male?

Snowboarder Bo, yeah male vocals, perhaps the same person overdubbed for the three part, perhaps at times four part harmonies. Per the application device advice: don’t have an android, need some kind of app I might be able to download on PC. Thanks for the interest though, much appreciate trying to help out.

More lyrics from verse, “where are you going now, little girl, you’ve strayed so far from home there’s no turning back”…

Shazam is available for PC as a free download.

Please let us know what the song is, eh.

I don’t have Windows 8, am using 7 but have downloaded BlueStacks, should allow me to use the Shazam application. Will give it a try and report back.

Thank you!

Update: I must thank you very much, Snowboarder Bo. The Shazam works pretty well and much better than expected. I went down one of my alternate rock recordings, one I recorded piece-by-piece from satellite broadcast - some unusual songs and definitely off-the-beaten-path… I listed these not as a stealth brag, but these were recorded during the same era, from same broadcast, am hoping they might lend a feel for the origin of this obscure alternative song. True, some of these songs listed below go back to the 80’s… but the recording was done circa '98, so mystery song could not be newer than that.
First of all, Shazam had no problem with Dead or Alive Brand New Lover , not that obscure - nor Blind Melon - Tones of Home, The Call - Let the Day Begin, New Order - Fine Time, The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary.

But it also correctly identified Nuclear Valdez - Dance Where the Bullets Fly, Cowboy Mouth - Easy, Dub Pistols - Keep Keep Movin’, Icicle Works - Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream) (frantic mix), Fetchin’ Bones - Love Crushing, Was (NOT WAS) - Walk the Dinosaur, Haircut 100 - Favorite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl), The Charlatans - Weirdo, Fatboy Slim - Praise You, Love Spit Love - Long Long Time, Pearl Jam - Breath, Peter Gabriel - The Nest That Sailed the Sky, Eve 6 - Sunset Strip Bitch, Cirrus - Break the Madness, Gravity Kills - Alive, Superdrag - Lighting the Way, I Mother Earth - One More Astronaut, Republica - Drop Dead Gorgeous, Lords of Acid - Pussy, The Dandy Warhols - Every Day Should Be a Holiday, The Smiths - London, The Sugarcubes (Bork’s startup band) - Vitamin, Peplab - Ride the Pony, Bad Religion - It’s a Long Way to the Promise Land.

It was incorrect on some, though. The song Relax was listed as by “Laughing Us”, instead of Frankie Goes To Hollywood. It listed song Lemon Yellow by Plasticene incorrectly as Life’s Free (vox) by someone named “Roger Gisborne”.

Also it did not recognize Forest for the Trees - Dream, Kahleel - No Mercy, Leah Andreone - Sunny Day

Please! - alternative rock fans of the SD, help! Here are the lyrics to this mystery song.

I tried to write out the “ooh’s” to the beat as best I could, tried to capture the rhythm to which it’s sung. The song is sung with rich harmony throughout, at least 3 part if not 4, probably one singer overdubbed, has an old fashioned sound, like from the era of The Monkees. I suspect though is more modern, probably from latter 90’s.

lyrics from song I will call, at least until true title is found - “And If I Had Wings”

Song does not fade, definitive ending with a bass guitar on downward slide - is only 2:30 - very short but totally awesome song. Would not go through all the trouble to identify it if it wasn’t such a richly awesome song.

I’m getting nothing, sorry. Maybe this was a band that managed to get a song on the radio, then disappeared?

Fuuuuuuuck that song list is straight outta 1998!

Sorry you haven’t had any luck so far, but don’t give up hope. It took me years to find out anything about Trees Of Mystery, but now I’m in contact with 2 of the guys from the band. Posting those lyrics was a good move; now other people looking for the same thing might for your thread.