Need some tropical drink recipes!

My mother-in-law’s 80th birthday is this weekend. Since she always wanted to go to Hawaii and is now too old and frail to make the trip, we’re having a Hawaiian-themed birthday party for her, and we’re looking for recipes for some tropical drinks (preferably alcoholic) that we can serve. Please share your favorites!

hawaiian drink recipes:smiley:

I will admit I am very fond of the sweet/sour stuff, like mai tais and singapour slings

Send your MIL my best wishes for her birthday. Don’t forget the little umbrellas for the drinks.

As a long-running joke between me and my husband, I tell him he’s waiting until I get senile, then he’ll take me out in the back yard, give me a drink in a coconut shell and tell me I’m in Hawaii!

It’s not Hawaiian, but my favorite tropical drink is the Painkiller:[ul]
[li]4 parts pineapple juice[/li][li]1 part orange juice[/li][li]1 part cream of coconut[/li][li]Rum to taste (3 parts or so for me)[/li][/ul]Combine over ice, and then top with freshly grated nutmeg. For a party, I’ll usually mix the fruit juices in a pitcher ahead of time to make things easier.

Use a darker rum. I like Mount Gay or Appleton Estates. In a pinch, you can use coconut-flavored rum (like Malibu) if you don’t have the cream of coconut, but the texture won’t be the same.

Serve in a large styrofoam cup while in a ramshackle bar on the west end of St. Croix watching the sun go down.

I like this margarita recipe. So does everyone I’ve fed it to. Margarita purists may be shocked, however.