Netflix list

What movie is at the top and the bottom of your Netflix list?
Top: Finding Nemo Bottom: I am David

At #1: Blood and Black Lace
At #185: A Sudden Loss of Gravity

Though I tend to rearrange the queue almost daily.

  1. Star Trek Enterprise: Season 3 Disc 7
  2. Rope

I’m watching all the Star Trek episodes. I just added Rope today 'cause I mentioned it in an earlier thread.

#1- Pure

#34- Election


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Rope’s a great film.

#1 on my list is disc 1 of Cycle 1 of America’s Next Top Model.

#21 is “Bound.”

  1. The Dead Girl
  2. Happy Feet

Bummer. I got it from them about 6 months ago. Used copies of it are going for 60 bucks at their cheapest on Ebay. I think some customers might have sticky fingers.

  1. Zodiac
  2. The Motorcycle Diaries

That’s a good movie, you should prioritize it.

My list:
#1 - The Bridge (very long wait since 6/1)
#277 - Walking With Prehistoric Beasts disc 2

#1 Freaks
#40-44 The Life of Mammals (vol 1-4)

Amusingly, I added the last one after a thread in Cafe Society where we talked about how goofy the Recommendations can be and noticed that it was recommending The Life of Mammals based off of me enjoying Red.

#1 - Superfly, although that’s been #1 for a long time - I keep bumping it down in favor of stuff I want to see more urgently
#18 - Barry Lyndon

Top - MST3K version of The Giant Spider Invasion. (I only could get MST3K near the last season, so I’m catching up.)

Bottom - #51: His Girl Friday. I’m going through movie books and adding good stuff to my queue - it needs a resort soon.

At Home: Danger Mouse seasons 5&6, disk 2.

Top? 300. I am hoping to get it next Tuesday.
Bottom? Zodiac. I just found out that it was released.

At home? I just returned Cinema Paradiso and The Hills Have Eyes 2. I have a wide range of movie interests. Also, I have Babylone 5: Season 4: Disc 2. JayJay is a fan and we watch it together.

Top: Ace In The Hole
Bottom: Planet of the Vampires

Both because they were discussed here. :cool:

#1: Blood Diamond.
#19: Good Night, and Good Luck.

Bonus datum – In the DVD player now: Pan’s Labyrinth. (We’re on the one-movie-at-a-time plan.)

Top: 300
Bottom: Brazil “Love Conquers all” version. I’m in no hurry to see it, but I heard it’s educational if you’re interested in just how bad a movie can be due to purposely bad editing.

Was Pan’s Labyrinth any good? I think I’m going to add it.

#1: Films of the Great Depression. On there for two documentaries: The Plow That Broke the Plains and The River.

#165: Planet of the Apes (1968). To share with someone who hasn’t seen it.

#1 - Little Children
#75 - The Monster Squad

Ace in the Hole? Hell, you should buy Ace in the Hole. Before it becomes “not available” again.

Spot #1: The Train, 1964, dir John Frankenheimer, with Burt Lancaster, Jeanne Moreau, and Paul Scofield. I caught the beginning and end of this on TCM the other day, and it’s really been sticking in my mental craw. It’s about Nazis trying to steal the paintings from the Musee Jeu de Paume during the final days of the French Occupation, and the Resistance trying to stop them. It’s more about art and personality than a typical war movie , but there’s some great action scenes as well. Anybody else ever see this?

Spot #83: Even Dwarfs Started Small, 1971, dir Werner Herzog. Early Herzog, surreal allegory with a cast entirely made up of “little people.” First time this was done since the 1938 wester “Terror of Tiny Town.”

I’ve got **Candy on my “saved” list, too, along with Two-Lane Blacktop, ** The African Queen, and the 1974 Three Musketeers.