Never Ever do this!

Never. ever. I repeat ever fart one of those SBD (silent but deadly) farts just before you have one of those unavoidable yawns!
I did this for the first time ever in my life today. I could taste the fart!

I am amazed that I am still living!

It’s worse when it’s someone elses SBD.

‘Taste the fart’ sounds like one of those Power Business phrases.

“Dammit Peter, we’re up against the wall here, we need to pull in the Johnson account or we’ll really be tasting the fart”

But what if you had to taste a fart, or 1,000,000,000 people would be killed by a red-button wielding, maniacal, Sri Lankan, bad-haired puppy, who was the child of senior Al Queda members?

I would go into a phone booth, tear off my shirt and emerge as … GIANT SQUID MAN!

And I would do my best to refute you! :smiley:

Well. I certainly didn’t expect that!

Giant Squids are always unexpected!

Kind of like the Spanis Inquisition.

And the Spanish Inquisition, also.

My oh my.

You boys are in a good mood this morning, aren’t you?

You mean the Spanish Insquidsition?

Oh does that all the time. It’s just his excuse to run around the neighborhood in his underwear, wearing a cape. The neighbor kids love him, though.

Giant Squid Man? Sounds like a job for Captain Crab and his faithful companion Whiffy, the prawn wonder.

I’d buy a ticket only if Libertarian would show up as an equally giant lighthouse.

Holy shit, that was funny! Now if I could just find a way to work this into a conversation today…

Well, since you’re paying… :wink:

In my humble, choking opinion, this thread is funnier than that Blimp one.

gasp ack

And so it begins; Lobsang’s SBD is spreading across the internet.

Let particlewill’s suffering be a lesson to us all, people. It’s time to wrap your monitors in plastic sheeting and duct tape.

Ack! Lobsang is attacking us with chemical weapons!

D’you think that France will join the coalition against him now?