Never Ever do this!

Hell, I’d even ante up enough cash to buy a ticket for a date!

She might be even be so confused about the match-up (“Wait, who was the ‘good guy’? The light house? The squid? The Spanish Inquisition?”) that I could have a chance of getting some. Winners all around! :wink:

It damn sure was and your idea is a good one as well.

shuffles off to tell someone they’re "going to taste the fart if they don’t get a certain problem resolved*

What are ya talking about? Mine came that way! In fact, it’s made primarily from plastic sheeting and duct tape. Fat lot of good it did tho, now that I am all dead from fart humor.

Oops, somehow Mangetout’s quote got clipped.

Dude, that’s an instant classic.

And you’re still posting? Shite, Lobsang’s farts turn people into zombies!

You realize of course that for the rest of the day your breath will smell like fart?

Hmm… Well, I don’t think the Giant Squid is ever a good guy. He’s usually a mean old man who is wealthy beyond avarice, hates everyone just because they exist, delights in nothing more than the misery of others, and yet still somehow has managed to convince his neighbors that it would be in their best interest to sell everything they own to him voluntarily and willfully at prices of a penny on the dollar. He also owns every place everyone works, is the only person in a hundred mile radius with a brain or any possessions of his own, and he is practically immortal — buying everyone’s newborn children for generations on end.

Ahh… yes. It’s like looking into a mirror. Just this morning I was going to buy Cleveland, but then I ate a fart and forgot all about it.

Huh. :cool:

Sounds like Los Angeles.

One thing that always bothered me about farts was…not the smell. It was the fact that the air that is now in my nose and mouth, was, mere seconds ago, in someone else’s ass.

Man, that’s funny!!! Somehow I wish you hadn’ t said it, though.

And his Deeds. Don’t forget his Deeds.

He has a Deed to everything.

Yep. He spends his days counting them in a garage by the motorway.

Have no fear! Slow Loris Man is coming to the rescue!!!
Have No Fear! Slow Loris Man is coming to the rescue…

awwww, fuck it. That dude will never make it in time.

What is it with this board regarding farts and Fred Phelps?

Why not combine the two. Put ol’ Phreddy in the middle of a circle, everyone give him your better side ( after a healthy dosage of Sasquatch Bean Burrito) and give him a SBD rebuttal.

:::::snicker:::::: It’s so sophomoric, it’s perfect.

I’d just like to step in here and point out that it is my personal opinion that the phrase “jump the shark” has really eaten the fart.

Thank you.

And if your cat farts, what will its breath smell like?

Squid pie.

Is that anything like fish tacos?

My cat’s breath smell like fish taco cat food.