Never thought I'd pit SNL (probably lame but I must vent)

[Long pointless rant]

Show’s already aired in the Pacific time zone so I think it’s not necessary to use spoiler tags.

The long awaited season premier of Saturday Night Live began. What was the name of the host? Jack Schitt? Right there on the stage this fat ugly guy starts acting like an idiot. He goes backstage smashing into things and causing general chaos. He’s rude to the new cast members.

And because he’s the host, he’s in almost every goddamn sketch. And every sketch that he’s in sucks rocks. This is what passes for comedy these days?

Of course they showed the commercial for his movie. In it he’s in a classroom jumping all over desks. Behavior that IRL would land him in the hospital or jail. That’s one movie I don’t want to see.

Then some kid gets up on the stage to sing. Blecch. Whatever happened to having the Doobie Brothers or Simon and Garfunkel on the show?

FINALLY they got to the Weekend Update. A sketch with no Jack Scat. And it was the one sketch in the whole damn show that didn’t suck (actually I think Tina Fey is real sexy in those stylish frames… come to papa… meow!)

Even with the cartoon (and not Mr. Smigel’s best work either, IMO) the show still blew chunks. I should have turned the TV off after WU and spared myself the wine spitting batshit.

Worst. Episode. Ever.


It left with the rest of the seventies. Do you really want SNL to perpetually invite singers and groups who were popular in 1975 instead of showcasing new talent?

What? Is that still on? Huh.

And people WATCH it? Wierd.

Don’t go dissin’ Jack Black, jizzcrust.

SNL is showcasing new whatnow?

Actually, yes. He has a very well reviewd film that opened on Friday. He put a damn fine album with his band, Tenacious D. He can be a bit over the top. I admit, I didn’t see SNL. This was the 2nd time he’s hosted. The 1st time, I understand, was very well-recieved.

Well, other than the fondness for Tina Fey, I don’t believe I have a thing in common with the OP. We musta seen a different show.

BTW, get used to Jack Black. He’s rightfully King of the world, you know.

I liked the sketch from his first time around where he played the monstrous creature who requested that the townsfolk offer up honry sluts as sacrifices instead of virgins.

I wonder exactly what is wrong with TVs these days. They shouldn’t be designed to force people to watch programs. I’m all for Mandatory Sentencing (praise GAWD!), but that’s just cruel.

Just watch Reno-911 and be happy.

May I just step in to opine that Tina Fey is smoking hot. Can’t follow the rest of the rant, but you won points with me there.

…but you don’t understand, Chunks is my dog.

Well, you gotta admit Aykroid and Belushi were funny as hell as usual.


[sub]IMO, SNL stopped being the kneeslapper back about 1981. Roughly the time I started having kids and couldn’t hold my eyes open past 9.[/sub]

LOVE Jack Black.

HATE Saturday Night Live nowadays (any version of Who’s Line is much funnier).

Weirdest OP ever (not that he doesn’t have a point).

I was looking forward to last night’s episoe because Jack Black has ruled ever since he was on Mr. Show. And John Mayer is a wonderful performer, so that only made the season premiere more enticing.

But. the. show. blew. (Chunks must be one happy dog) It didn;t have one memorable or funny sketch. Although Weekend Update was generally funny, it included a painfully unfunny taped bit that slowed down the pace of the segment.

And the OP needs to join the rest of us in this century. SNL has always marketed itself to the 18-35 demographic, and the 18-to-35-year-olds of 1975 are the 46-to-63-year-olds of 2003, and hence are not the target audience any longer. If the OP hops in his time machine and joins us in the scary future, he might like the current pop acts, like Dido, Outkast, or John Mayer.

Watched part of WU because it happened to be on (mostly that new guy who was “reviewing” Denzel’s new film by doing a bit obviously recycled from his standup act) but otherwise didn’t watch so I can’t really comment on the OP other than to opine that when s/he says

s/he may have meant “whatever happened to having musical guests who were booked because they were talented, even if they didn’t happen to have a hit single the week they were booked?” This IMHO is a valid critique of the show as a whole, which has moved from its origin as a maverick semi-radical outsider show to a mainstream revenue-generating franchise. Given the age of the show and the nature of corporate broadcasting this evolution was inevitable; still, it would be nice if every once in a while a host who wasn’t either a) on a hit TV show, b) opening or just opened a big-budget movie or c) a cast alum hosted, and that a musical guest was on not because there was a single or album to promote but because the act was talented and would entertain. Neither of those things are likely to happen any time soon, but since I haven’t watched SNL with any regularity for a decade or longer it makes no difference to me either way.

I agree, it sucked. But SNL’s season premiers (or first show back after a long hiatus) tend to always suck. It’s like they have to get their sucky material out of the way before they can go on to make a reasonably entertaining show.

Here is proof that even those with the most opposite world views and internal moral guidance systems can agree on something.

Reno 911 is a hoot.

SNL has sucked for years. The best part about the new season episode was the new opening credits.

I don’t get Jack Black, what makes him funny?

Count me among those who hate SNL (since the mid-90’s) but love Jack Black. He reminds me of Andy Richter, which is obviously the highest compliment anybody can be paid.