New Burn Notice, Jan. 21!

Michael, Fi, Sam, Maddy, and Barry, et. al., are back. Season 3 returns for new episodes starting tonight. Tyne Daly (Sharon Gless’s co-star in “Cagney and Lacey” for most of its run) guest stars in tonight’s episode, as Fiona asks for Michael’s help to aid a widow caught in an insurance scam.

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Sign me up. Had to really play with the DVR for tonight to ensure BN gets recorded. Fringe running long (until 10:03) screwed up all the other recording going on. Whatever medical drama is on ABC got the axe. If I remember, I’ll manually record when Fringe ends.

Great! My second-favorite spy show.

(I’m a recent Chuck convert. Somebody at TwoP wished for a *Burn Notice/Chuck *crossover. Mostly, they wanted to see what kind of trouble Bruce Campbell & Alec Baldwin could get into.)

I bet they hit the reset button on the Fiona / Michael romance. Wasn’t she headed to Ireland in the last season cliff hanger? I know there was a cliffhanger of some sort. Michael has to convince her that he’s serious about a relationship. I don’t recall exactly how the ep ended.

Wouldn’t that be a 30 Rock crossover? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Yeah, we know who you really mean)

I am a new convert to this show - but I love it!

Sorry, wrong Baldwin…

I’ve had this date on my calendar for months. Can’t wait! I can only watch reruns for so long…

The confusion is understandable, but Alec Baldwin and Adam Baldwin aren’t even related.

Yes, I know that.

Fringe running until 10:03? My DVR shows it running from 9:00-10:00, as usual.

I won’t get a chance to check until nearly showtime, but I do recall Fringe was the show causing problems with recording shows (Thursday nights are packed).

Another good episode tonight. I was hoping for some sizzle between Fiona and Michael. It’s always one tease after another. I beginning to think neither of these two will ever speak the L word.

I see they are continuing to draw the mother into the espionage plot. She’s nothing like her season 1 persona.

It was great seeing Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless together. I’m so ready to see some Fiona/Michael heat. Shame on them for not delivering.

Definitely a good start to the new “season” (if that’s what they are calling it). But I still can never remember which one was Cagney and which one was Lacey.

I was kind of hoping they’d update the opening montage. Much as I enjoy it, it could use some fresh scenes.

I was thinking of Burn Notice while watching the latest Dirty Jobs, which was filmed in Miami. They could put a scene of chicken-busting into the montage. :smiley:

HA! What a cameo surprise!

Cagney and Lacey together again.

“My name is Michael Weston, I used to be a spy…”

Every time I think of the show that phrase runs through my head, in his voice. I honestly am unable to imagine it in anybody else’s voice.