New here

Hey Everyone! I’m new to straight dope and just wanted to say hello! I’m from Northern VA and work in DC doing marketing/pr. A friend of mine told me about this forum and thought I’d find lots of good discussion/info… so here I am!

Welcome - and have fun!

Welcome, TupeloHoney!

You’ll find us to be a congenial bunch of loons. Just be prepred to back yourself up with cites in debate, when mentioning cats always link to pictures, and try not to become addicted.

[sub]I can stop anythime I want…[/sub]

Welcome – and does your name mean you come from Mississippi originally?

Hello TupeloHoney! Be welcome. Enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:

Yeah, sure you can Sunspace, anytime huh???

[sup] coming from a member of SA*[/sup]

Welcome TupeloHoney!

*Straight Dope Anonymous

Or, perhaps, that (s)he is a Van Morrison fan. I think that may be more likely.

In either event, welcome to the boards, TupeloHoney! I hope you decide to stick around. :slight_smile:

Welcome. Look around, join some discussions, get a feel for the place, have a good time. But watch out for the squid.

Hello. My name is Triskadecamus, and I am a Doper.

I have no power over my addiction, and must be aware that I will be a Doper for the rest of my life.

Cool, eh?


Greetings TupeloHoney. Since your location is NoVA, that puts you in MAD range. MADs are the Mid-Atlantic Dopers and range from PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, Anaheim, Azousa, and Cucamonga.

We get together a few times a year for summer picnics, holiday parties, cultural events (we be upscale), helping one another move, and such.

Hope to see you at our next soiree. :slight_smile:

Well, there’s definitely a much smaller chance that she’s Wasp Woman, bitten by wasps by the light of the full moon and cursed to buzz men and women of loose morals (as well as porch-lights) for all eternity…

Holds up a box of Honey-Comb Cereal to ward her off

Hi guys! Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: I’m enjoying it already! And yes OneCentStamp - you’re correct - I’m actually a Van Morrison fan and not orginally from Mississippi. But Mississippi is on my list of states to soon travel to.

Welcome, TupeloHoney, hope you become a member. I would caution you from the pit until you get to know some of us. If you want to join the Armed Services, you can find a way here. If you just came to pet the goat, he is still at the vet, but we do have a squid and a badger you can touch all you want.

Stay out of room 113.

SSG Schwartz

Now who’s your friend?
wheels the motorgoat over to room 112

Um, Tupelohoney, there’s…there’s something in this room that needs your attention.

Can you also wear this blindfold? I don’t want you to lose your spunk.

yanks the starting cord a few times before the motorgoat begins to hum and sputter to “life”

welcome aboard the crazed minds of the fellow dopers. enjoy. :slight_smile:

Hey Tupelo!

Welcome aboard!

If you like what you find here, do consider “joining”… Its a great investment, and personally is down to the fraction of a cent per minute - so great value!

Uh, before she fondles the squid, has anybody fed it recently?

Sterilizes the tongs, just in case…

Tupelo, I hope you find as much fun, joy and interest here as I have…

Again, Welcome aboard!


I like your name, it’s an instant nicknamer!

Welcome to the Dope, don’t worry about getting addicted, hope you brought your swimsuit. Pool’s over here…

Of course we haven’t fed the squid, that would take the fun out of it!

Newish here too, Tupelo.
Long time lurker, (dodge the squid on the left -*your *left!)
Ponied up today and the tremors have started already.
C-come on in, the d-dope’s fine.

I’m new as well! - Have been a lurker for so long that I’ve caught the fever too.

Glad I signed up - there is nothing so lonely as being addicted and not having anyone to share it with. Sweet curse of the Dope - I even dream of some of you people at night…

And I’m not afraid of your rites of passage. puts blindfold on, holds breath

Kiwis? We have Kiwis?