New Hyundai Christmas Commercials

FYI - I’m calling dibs for Imaginary Girlfriend on the girl in the new Hyundai Christmas commercials.

You have been warned.

She ain’t imaginary. Her name is Nataly Dawn, and her band is called Pomplamoose. You seem like you wanted to know that.

It’s also one of those bands that’s made up of an actual couple, which you seem like you didn’t want to know.

Oh I know SHE’S real - it’s the “my girlfriend” part that’s imaginary.
And in my imagination that other guy is her brother. And he owes me $20.

throws thread in trunk of Hyundai

drives thread from MPSIMS to Cafe Society

Ugh, maybe I’m alone, but I hate those ads, and I hate that style of singing. She sounds like she’s singing while being distracted by something else. Like, she’s too cool to put in all the effort needed to sing, but I guess if she gets around to it she’ll half-assedly sing some notes. I even went to the effort of looking up some of her/her band’s other stuff on Youtube and I hated that too (I couldn’t get through their rendition of “Single Ladies.”)

I also hate how the notes that she does sing are “different” from the traditional holiday jingles. I can’t identify a note by ear to save my life (you’d think 8 years of playing the trumpet and French horn would help with that…) but I can at least tell when one note isn’t the same as another note, and a lot of her notes are not the same as regular Jingle Bells/Deck the Halls, and even though I don’t like Christmas Carols, when they are sung wrong it still drives me batty!

Oh, and I even hate the name Pomplamoose. It sounds God-awfully pretentious.

Also, she is kind of cute, but she also looks like Justin Bieber…but then again, Justin Bieber looks like a girl, so that’s really more an insult to him than to her.

Edit: Sorry for the threadshit, but I was actually had tempted a day or so ago to make my own OP about these commercials, I saw this, and figured no need for separate love and hate threads.

How can you not like Pomplamoose Bouv? It’s almost as if you lack a Y-chromosome.

I would lease a Hyundai just to have those green, green eyes eyes read me the contract, and all of the associated commercial regulations.

She reminds me of Shelley on Raising Hope.

Yup. I totally agree. I hate that style of singing too. A while back when their Single Ladies cover was first posted on youtube and reposted everywhere, I found a few other people that shared this opinion as well.

She seemed a lot cuter when I didn’t know who she was. Now, those Hyundai commercials come off as generic, sold-out versions of their YouTube videos. And the boyfriend/husband guy just looks obnoxious, like the person who waves towards camera behind a reporter during a news broadcast… (I hope that doesn’t sound like jealousy.)

Despite all that, I still find myself dropping whatever I’m doing to watch her change scarves and outfits in those commercials. GOD she’s CUTE!

It’s not that the notes are “different” as much as she’s singing MORE than just the traditional melody. The point of them showing her in multiple shots wearing different scarves/sweaters is that she’s singing a different part in each shot. The odd notes that you hear is the harmony produced by all those parts being played at the same time. But she is indeed singing the standard melody in one of those parts.

I finally caught one of these commercials and while I do hate that girl/band, I thought it was particularly odd that they barely showed the cars.

Link, anyone?

One of several:

The others are suggested on the right column.

We have spent way too much time trying to figure out if she’s had that mole on her lip removed, covered up with makeup, or if the lighting in the commercials just makes it hard to see.

Checked out one of their Pomplamoose vids.

Ok, so douchebag looking boyfriend who plays all the music, hot girlfriend who does all the singing, but doesn’t sing very well. Go figure.

She is pretty but yeah that style can become grating. her and Feist both overpronounce their "R"s a bit which once you notice you can’t stop.

A freind calls this style of music Tweetarded.

You can have that cereal-munchin Justin Bieber lookalike. Just be sure to also pack up the hyper retarded santa-hat wearing asshole who backs her. And yes, I did check out Pompous Moose on youtube, and found them to be even douchier and twee-er than I thought possible.

I know it’s part of the act, her blank gaze, a wee bit troubling. But I just cannot handle that dude. (if you look up the word “dork” there’s a picture of that dude) Their version of Lady Gaga’s Telephone is especially disturbing, yet the minor chord harmonies interesting. How can something so nauseous be soothing at the same time!?

It’s a funny version of the French word for grapefruit, pamplemousse.

It’s like a maniac forced her to sing and told her she’d receive a 50,000 volt shock if she expressed any emotion.