NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day (Part 2)

GQP indeed.

It involves a magic 8 ball where every answer is Hunter Biden’s laptop.

DeSantis’s covid advisor says you don’t need vaccines, just trust Jesus.

“I sent you a boat, helicopter and vaccine.” Jesus.

Remember the Freedom Phone, which was going to protect conservative snowflakes from the evil influences of libruhls like Zuckerberg? Turns out the creators of the phone are now suing each other.

The DeSantis administration has rejected a potential African-American Studies course because “it significantly lacks educational value”.
Warning: This is from the National Review.

While I know the concept of projection is hardly anything remotely new, I was watching something on TV and saw a bit of dialogue that reminded me of this thread:

To further his point that Character B is cheating, Character A describes a hypothetical situation to draw a comparison and says:
A) It’s cheating.
B) How is that cheating? You’re just falsely accusing us of what you actually did.
A) No, that’s what you’re doing.

In 2016, George Santos ran a Gofundme on behalf of a disabled veteran so that he could afford life-saving surgery for his service dog, ultimately bringing in $3000.

Santos then pocketed the cash and the vet wound up panhandling so he could afford to put the dog to sleep.

New Republic published an article claiming that George Santos used to be a drag queen in Brazil.

A lot of these people have learned one of the most important lessons of the Trump era: the GOP base rewards rampant stupidity (with cash donations and votes.)

The more groaningly dim-witted the assertion, the more cash will flow into your campaign coffers.

I read about that a few days ago, the whole situation is bizarre. Whatever article I read included dated screenshots of actual facebook posts to the public and text messages between these three people. It was like seeing it all unfold in real time. I’ll have to see if I can find the article.
In the mean time, here’s the dog.

Here it is. I remember I kept forgetting the name of the newspaper is Patch. Since it sounds like a dog’s name and the article is about a dog, every I read “[someone] told Patch…” it would take me a few more words before I realized they weren’t referring to the dog.

Or his penis.

Regarding DeSantis’ COVID advisor…do radiologists generally know a lot about viruses?

Well if you don’t have anything genuine to complain about, complain about some imaginary bullshit! What did the voters put you in office for? Accomplishing real things?

Like I said… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Another Santos lie disproven; his mother was in Brazil on 9/11, not at the World Trade Center as he claimed.

Every time something like this comes up, they should be asked, on TV, how this fits into their goal of a “small government” and follow up with “over reaching like this seems like the type of thing I’d have expected from the left”. Plus, in a case like this one, they could be asked how they can promote a “free market economy” while also pushing for additional food labeling requirements. Something I feel confident saying they’ve probably pushed back against over the years.

At the very least they should be asked for an example of a food that contains human fetal tissue.

Perhaps the Democrats can put forward a bill that would demand that labels be put on guns that were Tested on Babies or whose testing in any way involved babies (including being tested by people who used to be babies).