NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day (Part 2)

Like these, no doubt:

Well, the last one didn’t work, did it?

At the latest CPAC convention (And don’t they seem to have one every week now), Brandon Straka, who was convicted of his part in the 1/6 insurrection but got no jail time, was put into a fake jail cell, where he crawled around on the floor and fake cried. Until Marge Greene came into the cell and hugged him and consoled him.

Well, now we know what “Let’s go, Brandon” really means.

They’ve gone full mewling crying infant.

Boo hoo snowflake. Boo hoo.

I really want to hear them explain what’s wrong here,
Brandon Straka, who was convicted of his part in the 1/6 insurrection but got no jail time, was put into a fake jail cell.

Are they complaining that Brandon didn’t get ‘’‘‘hard’’‘’ time?

“I’ll give you something to cry about!”

“Are you gonna stop cryin’ or do I have to get Matt Gaetz in here to give you a special cousin hug too?”

“We’ll have Gym Jordan watch to make sure there’s nothing funny goin’ on!”

Why not a great big grope group hug?

“They never invite me! Why can’t Madison Cawthorn have fun too?”

Wait, is he a comedian, or-oh. OH!

I saw on twitter (meaning there’s a substantial chance of this not being true) that he got no jail time because he cooperated with the feds, i.e. threw various fellow travelers under the bus. Which, if true, makes the whole thing even more hilarious.

His relatively light sentence was in part due to what his lawyer described as “significant” cooperation with the FBI investigation into the Jan. 6 attack.

According to the unsealed documents, some of the information that he provided to the FBI was derogatory in nature and could support criminal charges. But his GETTR post ignored that, and he instead wrote that the majority of the people he spoke to the FBI about were his friends and that he didn’t say anything negative about them.

Yes, she can.

Lawn Order!

Chuck Grassley whining (although his typing is really bad!) about having to work when he wants vacation.
Each Dec Schumer puts out schedule for Senate I set Grassley family reunion based on schedule. For 2nd yr in row I won’t be at reunion I’m in DC to fight Dems irresponsible tax&spend bill. Need a Republican majority to hv schedule we can count on & A RESPONSIBLE FISCAL AGENDA

I got the perfect solution for you, Chuckie Baby: Quit. Then you can take a trip any time you like. Surely your grift Senate pension will allow you a life of ease.

The “Libertarian” Party’s Twitter feed has decreed that democracy is bad and McCarthy didn’t go far enough.

…and now that paragon of aggressive manhood, Ted Cruz, has stated that we should all be killed. Evidently he and his have guns and we are “a target rich environment”.

(Somebody tell Sen.Ooze-Cruz that he shouldn’t play with guns because he might shoot his Cancún off.)