Newbie here.


My friend auRa posts here every now and then she seems to enjoy it, so I thought I’d give it a try too.

Be gentle.

Don’t worry – the goat and the calamari are both very, very gentle.


Sticky, though. Both of 'em.

But you should watch you for the tentacles.

Double welcome! smooch

“Gentle”, she says. “Gentle”!!!


[sub]I’ll be okay.[/sub]

Gettin’ so ya can’t swing a dead cat in here without hittin’ a newbie …




… would you stop swingin’ that thing in here? Go outsite and play like we told ya … :smiley:

No, that’s not a typo …

offers a hug and some assorted smooches

[sub]Well, it’s not like hewe is going to remember anything, right? So what’s the hard in telling him/her that the livestock will be gentle?[/sub]

Pay no attention to these folks. Here, put on this shower cap and wait over there – we’ll be right with you. And watch out for the dead cat.

:: a quick flash of tentacular motion ::
:: gobble slurp ::

What dead cat?

…um… I think the calamari is awake…


Someone quick! Get the Death Ray!

Welcome aboard!

Yes, it is… and it’s grabbing the
18" DHIBJD!!! :eek:

hewe, you don’t, by chance, have a corset, do you? :smiley:

Does an endless supply of duct tape count?

And the fact that most of you assumed I’m a girl only by reading my first post here is really testing my manhood.

I’m now going downstairs to do some laundr… uh, I mean I’ve got fight club.

I’m not seeing any assumptions about your gender here :dubious: – we suggest everyone wear the shower cap. In fact, we’re happy to provide a second cap for anyone (male or female) whose facial hair is particularly lush.

Is the shower cap more of a funny, company uniform kind of thing or a scary cult obsession kind of thing?

Either way, I’m down.

There’s a difference?

  1. I’ve seen one gender reference: he/she
  2. Mens can wear corsets, too.
  3. Hi, hewe! :slight_smile:

So, are the any tips you guys you wanna give me?

What topics to avoid? Which posters to ignore?

How’s the general mood around here?

Don’t clench up and it will go a lot easier. :smiley: