Newbie here.

For me, it was the “be gentle”. Guess I am used to hearing that from women. :wink:

Hi, hewe!

ps - I’m a newbie too :slight_smile:

Hi, Little Rachael!
I knew someone here in Tally-ho (in RL) that went by that exact same name. :slight_smile:

Hi Hewe!

Hi Little Rachael!

I’d say the general mood is excellent. Have fun and watch out for that first calamari, it’s a whopper. :smiley:

Depends. Did you bring the food out promptly and have a cheerful attitude?

The usual…politics, religion, and sex.

Me! :smiley:


Welcome to the boards, and don’t listen to a word I say…I am a newbie too!

Hello, newbies! Step right up…

By the way, Bosda has found us a substitute for when the goats are all worn-out.
Giant gerbils!

I’m sure we can get a good deal from the Chinese. :smiley:

And we thought that all those big transparent plastic pipes, fittings, and enclosures that the Chinese were buying were for oil refineries…

Welcome, Little Rachael and sweetfreak!

[sub]Do we have enough shower caps?[/sub]

I like it!

Hello, hewe and Little Rachael. Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home.

Each forum, and especially About This Message Board, has “stickies,” or announcements, at the top. If you read these, you will learn enough to keep from stepping on your own tender parts. And, uh, stay clear of that “gry” thing. We’ve seen that so many times, we’re a mite testy about it.

This happens often!?!?!?!

I thought the first rule of Fight Club was that you don’t talk about Fight Club…

How does Little Rachael get a post count (1 as of the time I’m typing this) when she’s still a “Guest”? I thought such perks were only available to us paid-up members!

Anyway, welcome to you both, and to any other newbies reading this thread!

I’m not sure, so don’t hold me to this, but I think I may have a post count because I’ve already payed my for my subscription - shortly after making my first post. I’ve been a lurker for a long time, and knew that I’d want to stick around here for more than a month, so I thought I’d pay now while I had the extra money in my account :slight_smile:

We got charter!
Break out the golden goat! :slight_smile:

Don’t send greetings …

Send money …

Sincere welcome to you as well …

watch out for the cats … :wink:

Beware of the goat!

Keep your eyes on the tentacles…

Looks like the golden goat is breaking out on its own…

:: sploosh ::

Uh oh.

We need Back Up!
There are newbies going down everywher…

: whisper, whisper :
Huh? Whatsat?
What do you mean they’re supposed to be going down?
New initiation right? Well, nobody told me!
Sorry for the confusion folks…Carry on.

Somebody hold me! :eek:

Yanno, that’s not the smartest possible thing to say when you’re right next to a roiling vat of calamari…