Newbie here.

looks down


jumps into twickster’s arms

Uh, Kythereia?
That ain’t twickster.


:: looks, gestures frantically ::

Use this to break free…

:: tosses toilet plunger to Kythereia. runs after ::

[[hijack]Did anyone else see that episode of the cartoon Drawn Together?
You know - the one with the princess’ "gigi’? :smiley: [/hj]

Now back to your regularly scheduled initiation…

battling valiantly with plunger in hand Help! HELP!

:: dives in ::

You can startle them if you tickle them just right…

:: tickle ::

:: slpoosh ::
:: whip smack ::

Uh oh.

:: starts unwrapping Kythereia, er, I mean, starts unwrapping tentacles from around Kythereia’s limbs ::

Anybody got some pepper? If we can just get it to sneeze…

hewe, be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

pitiful pleading, flail

(hewe, don’t mind us, this is just for fun :wink: Enjoy your stay!)

Don’t worry about it. Everyone thought I was a guy the first three years I was here.

Yeah, but that’s back when you went by George. :wink:

Not exactly.


By the way, hewe, a bit of fashion advice: don’t wear your shower cap and corset at the same time.

That’s just tacky.

Will do, Mrs. Blackwell.


Whatever you do, don’t take a trip to the Marianas Trench. Mankind was already there in the 1960s, but just for 20 minutes. And keep your 1920s-style Death Ray in your holster.

[sub]These are all inside jokes that hopefully you’ll have a bit of fun figuring out[/sub]

And for Og’s sake, where is that damned goat?

And for Og’s sake, don’t tell your cow-orkers you come here. People who do that make the baby Jesus cry. Unless, of course, they bring pie with them, in which case it isn’t unusual to have penis ensue.

Wow, this soap-opera gets better and better.

** grabs some popcorn.*

Welcome, hewe. If you haven’t met the goat or calamari… uhh… it helps if you take… uhh… a dump before they… ahhh… anyway…

:: disheveled and coverd in sucker marks, Sunspace and Kythereia climb out of the calamari vat ::

Towels! Where are the towels! And some clean, clear water!

: pulls a couple of ratty towels out of her pack :
Dude, never forget your towel!
sheesh! :rolleyes: