NFL Predictions Week 7

I had a little extra time this week. For anyone interested I found a new place abd will move in this Friday. I should be able to go back to putting these up mid-week. Favs in Caps. Line is Las Vegas.

Washington @ BUFFALO 3, 38

I like Washingtons high powered offense better than I like the Bills. No other reason than that. Over.

Philly @ NY BLUE 3, 37.5

Great now even memebers of the team are critics of McNabb. I think the teams pulls itself together to beat this rival. Both teams have struggled, and Barber is proving to be Mr. Butterhands. Over.

DALLAS @ Detroit 3, 38

Dallas has been the most surprising team this year. Detroit is completely unsurprising, Dallas covers and over.
San Diego @ CLEVELAND 5.5, 41.5

If you missed Cleveland’s games at the Niners or Oakland, then you missed something. Clevelands defense is fast and their scheme is set for playing agaist West Coast sorts of offense. The ofense is proving just capable enough to win. Of course Sunday they play a team with no offense, so Cleveland in a cake walk. Cleveland barely beats the spread and under.

BALTIMORE @ Cincy 1.5, 36.5

Move along nothing to see here folks. Baltimore beats the spread and under.

Denver @ MINNESOTA 3.5, 36.5

If Plummer was playing, I’d call this game surely for Denver. I’m going to do it anyway, teams have a way of winning when there confidence is up. A 5-1 start is plenty of that, and the back up is experienced. Denver upset, over.

Tennesee @ CAROLINA 1.5, 37.5

I so want to pick Tennesee for this game. But I’m just wondering if last week was a fluke. I’ll go with the oddsmakers on this one.

New Orleans @ ATLANTA 1.5, 41

I was surprised to find me and the oddsmakers in agreement with this game. Atlanta beats the spread, under.

New England @ MIAMI 5.5, 37

There are a few matchups every year that give me heartburns. They involve the follwing teams. Jets, Miami, and Buffalo. I’m tired of being wrong, so I’ll go with the oddsmakers and blame on them when it goes south.
Green Bay @ ST. LOUIS 4, 49

OK, the shine is starting to come off Green Bay, but I still think they beat the Rams here. Packers upset, under.

NY GREEN @ Houston 3, 37

NY wins, vovers and over.
Chicago @ SEATTLE 10, 43

I’ll but that.

TAMPA BAY @ San Francisco 3.5, 39.5

FAN ALERT, FAN ALERT. That out of the way, SF is learning how to overcome there difficiencies with the offensive line. SF’s no 2, ranked defense can certainly handle Tampa Bays offense. Niners upset, push.

KC @ Oakland 3.5, 47

Mondays nights game will probably kill Oaklands season. KC beats the spread Under.

Hey! I missed last week! Was there a thread?
I haven’t even gone back to my week 5 picks to see how much I stunk!
Washington @ BUFFALO 3, 38

The Bills just continue to dissapoint me. I’ll admit, I was kind of high on them early on. The skins, OTOH, continue to suprise me. Ramsey wins this one.

Philly @ NY BLUE 3, 37.5

Tiki won’t fumble, and the big guys win.

DALLAS @ Detroit 3, 38

The Motor City Kitties are just terrible. I’d go with the over, even with Detroit only scoring 3.

San Diego @ CLEVELAND 5.5, 41.5

Over confident and not quite firing on all cylinders, Cleveland overlooks San Diego. But San Diego stinks so bad that they deserve to be overlooked. Bring back Leaf, then I could hate you and pity you. As it is, it’s only pity. Cleveland D scores at least once.

**BALTIMORE @ Cincy **1.5, 36.5

Lewis is still bitter over not breaking 300. He might not be after this game.

Denver @ MINNESOTA 3.5, 36.5

Best game of the week, and it WILL go over. Minnesota wins just because they end up having one more weapon than the Bronx.

**Tennesee @ CAROLINA **1.5, 37.5

This is a tough pick. I really like McNair’s work at the helm this year, but I made the mistake of not picking Carolina before, and I’m not going to again. Davis is fine, and he’ll run all day. Probably under.

**New Orleans @ ATLANTA **1.5, 41

New Orleans has the chemistry Atlanta doesn’t. NO takes it.

**New England @ MIAMI **5.5, 37

I like New England here. These two teams match up pretty well, but if NE stops Ricky, it’s their game.

Green Bay @ ST. LOUIS 4, 49

Does nobody recall last week’s near victory over the Chefs? The Pack isn’t such a scrub team, and they prove it again here. I almost said over, but 49 might be dead on.

NY GREEN @ Houston 3, 37

Houston is better then people give them credit. Houston walks away with this one.

Chicago @ SEATTLE 10, 43

Upset? Nope.

TAMPA BAY @ San Francisco 3.5, 39.5

SF just kind of lackluster this year. Any other year, they would rise to the occasion of this type of game. This year, they nap. TB tries not to disturb their sleep in a sleeper of a game. TB by more than 3.5

**KC @ Oakland ** 3.5, 47

KC. I’ll be able to turn the tv off and go to bed by the second quarter.

I predict that the tailspinning Steelers will not lose this week. :frowning:

Hooray for the bye.

cwarterback sp? Put one in MPSIMS last week, I don’t know if he got it moved or not. I was planning on posting my picks, but couldn’t.

Atlanta has benched Doug “We’re better than the Vikings” Johnson in favor of Kurt “I don’t need to shave yet” Kittner. I think the Atlanta brain trust that is thier fan base will soon be clammoring for Johnson back. Will someone let them know that Ryan Leaf is still available? The spread is 1.5. If I were a betting man…

Green Bay over St. Louis, in the Dome? That’s just silly.

Green Bay plays at the Metrodome and the Silver dome once a year. It’s not like they’ve never played in a dome. It would seem an even match up, but I stand by my assesment that the Pack is actually a good team this year. They had a slow start, and people can’t see past that. That’s why I see the game against KC as a good testament. On the flip side, NFC central (now north) teams have never done well against the Rams, but I still think the Packers have a slight edge.

Actually, Carmen, GB plays at the Metrodome and Ford Field once a year… the Silver Dome is a drive-in movie theater now.

Well, i’m a Ravens fan, so i’d be very happy for you to be right. But i think that Cincinatti are better than a lot of people give them credit for. I predict they’ll surprise a few more teams this year and get a couple more wins; i just hope this weekend isn’t one of them.

:smack: :smack: :smack: :smack:
They still build drive in theaters?

I’ve got to agree with troub on this one. Generally speaking, aren’t the Pack better on grass than artificial turf?

These aint the run the score up to forty in the first half Rams. This is probably Green Bay’s best chance to beat them.

They tore down the Silver Dome. I saw my first NFL game there.

The Silver Dome is still standing, they just show movies in the parking lot, from what I understand. They may project the movies onto the building, I’m a little far away now togo check it out.

Oh, and so I’m not a total hijacker:

DETROIT over Dallas. Why? History, baby, history…