NFL Week 15

Nothing too elaborate this week since I haven’t really been that invested since getting shit canned in 3 of 4 fantasy leagues, but I’ve taken a few weeks off so I might as well get the thread started for Week 15.

Thursday, Dec. 17
Indianapolis 3 JACKSONVILLE 43
Lots of talk all week long about the Colts benching players this week and down the stretch. I think it’s moot at least this week, the Colts will be starting everyone who matters and the only real worry is Reggie Wayne but even if he’s at half speed or gets benched early to help him recover the Colts will have enough punch to move the ball. The Jags and Colts tend to play each other close and the point spread reflects that. The Jags are playing for their lives but I have a feeling that the Colts defense will exert itself this week. The Jags haven’t exactly shown a ton of mettle when the going gets tough laying some eggs on the road and struggling to be prepared every week, and I suspect that playing on a Thursday will hurt them far more than it hurts the Colts.

The Pick: Colts 21 - Jaguars 10

What a catch and throw there. Dallas Clark is amazing for a goofy white dude from Iowa.

Go Colts!

I just want to thank you, Omni, for posting these threads each week. I don’t always get a chance to follow along on all the games and your synopsis are a handy summary of what games to look out for each week.

Simpson just ran the ball back for a touchdown! Special teams play hasn’t been something Colts’ fans have been too excited about, so this was more then a little eye opening. Fun stuff!

Hopefully, the starters will stay in long enough to put away the Jags, but I wouldn’t be surprise to see some unfamiliar faces by the end of the game.

I’m watching on; what producer let this Mike Mayock guy wear a striped shirt AND a striped tie? The moire patterns are killing my eyes.

I wish Dallas Clark played for the Bengals.

Hell of a game so far. Let’s see if the final 2 minutes match.

If David Garrard was named Peyton Manning, the Jags could have won that game in the waning moments!

Definitely one of the better games I’ve watched this year (in a year filled with really good games). How many lead changes were there? 10? 12?

Never mind – just looked it up. Yep, ten lead changes. Day-um…

Reggie Wayne and Peyton Manning flat out went off. Of course, my only fantasy play last night was Addai, who didn’t do squat.

I think that’s the definition of “All-Star.”

Ha, yeah. Glad to be in this thread! I have to get out of that Chris Henry thread, I’m getting my head ripped off in there!

That said I am really looking forward to the Chargers v Bengals game, the outcome of which could very well lock in the AFC #2 seed, which would be nice for my team if they can manage it.

I had originally picked the Chargers, but I’m putting one of my key theories to the test here: Tragedy wins.

Show me a team who loses a player, a member of the coaching staff, whoever – and I’ll show you a team who wins that week. The test comes in that Henry was already on IR, so I’m not 100% certain he’ll count toward my theory. Pretty sure he will, though. Go ahead Cincy – win one for Chris.

The Bengals certainly have quite a bit to rally around this season. The tragedies: the death of defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer’s wife suddenly the Thursday before the Ravens game at M&T Stadium (we won), the tsunami in Samoa (we have a pretty big Samoan contingent on our team, Maulauga, Peko, Vakapuna, Fanene…I know there’s at least one more, but I can’t think of it), the death of Henry.

There’s also some other salient points that work in the Bengals favor this year. The fact that they are a widely mocked franchise accused of perrenial ineptitude (which pisses off and motivates the players), the fact that a large portion of the roster is comprised of second and third chance guys like Cedric Benson, Tank Johnson, Chris Crocker, Roy Williams, even Henry…or guys that are unproven and/or undrafted, like Nate Livings, Kyle Cook, Andre Caldwell, Quan Cosby, etc.

Then there’s Hard Knocks. I believe that the Bengals are the first team to ever have a winning record after being the subject of that show. And the show was great and really showed the Bengals in a positive light.

There’s a lot for me to like, and I’ll reiterate what you said: Win one for Henry!

The Eagles-49ers game has been pushed back to a 1:15pm start time (4:15pm in Philly). It’s not the only game to have been pushed back, either. What makes this important is that it’s my team, it makes it no longer an early-morning game for the visiting Best-Coasters, and also puts the 49ers and Raiders on TV at the same time in a long time.

Hopefully that ass kicking on Monday night woke the Cardinals up. They’ve got two winnable games against Detroit this week and the Rams next week. Losing to either team would be a disgrace.

I’m hoping that the Cards can get off to a big lead and start resting some players. Not sure if Fitzgerald is going to play or not, but he should be very limited if he plays. I’d like to see Leinart in there for some time as well. Even if he just hands it off to Hightower and Wells, the Cards are going to need Warner 100% for the playoffs.

We could have a double-header on Monday night if the Bears are unable to make it to Baltimore.

And regarding the Bengals. Has it ever happened before that a team in the playoff hunt had a player die weeks before the playoffs? It sounds callous, but my second or third thought when I heard the Henry news was that I can’t wait to bet on Cincy in the playoffs. This kind of thing galvanizes a team so well.

I don’t know if that’s ever happened before, but I’d bet that it has at some point. I too, hope that the players play inspired football in the wake of Henry’s death.

As an interesting aside, check out this article from Florio about Chad Ochocinco wanting to wear Henry’s jersey in Sundays game against the Bolts, the NFL saying no, and now the NFLPA saying they will pay his fine if so:

NFLPA says it will pay Ochocinco’s fine if he wears No. 15
Posted by Mike Florio on December 19, 2009 12:21 PM ET

*"Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco wants to honor Chris Henry on Sunday by wearing his jersey. The NFL has said that Ochocinco won’t be permitted to wear Henry’s jersey. We’ve previously said that we support his efforts in this regard, even if it means that he’ll be fined by the league.

Now, George Atallah of the NFL Players Association has announced on his Twitter page that the union “will cover any fine levied on [Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco] . . . and match it with a gift to our Chris Henry memorial fund.”

The situation sets up a potential legal battle between the league and the NFLPA, with the union undoubtedly hoping to score P.R. points in advance of a potential 2011 lockout.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello previously has explained to us in relation to Saints running back Reggie Bush’s past intention to wear non-conforming cleats that no other entity may pay the fine imposed on a player for violating the league’s uniform rules. We’ve sent an e-mail to Aiello requesting confirmation that this policy still exists. (We assume it does.)

And if it does, the union could be treading on dangerous ground. Under the labor agreement, fines imposed by the league are collected directly from the player’s salary. So the union wouldn’t be paying the fine; it would be making a cash payment to Chad Ochocinco.

But since the union is a federally-regulated non-profit entity that must answer not only to the government but also to its members, a direct payment to a player who was fined for engaging in conduct that violates the unambiguous content of league rules might invite scrutiny from one or more federal agencies – especially if neither NFLPA Executive Director De Smith nor the union’s Executive Committee possess the authority to make such payments directly to individual players."

Any fine? Hmmm…is there an upper-end cap that the league is allowed to impose for this? Wonder if the commish could announce a $100 billion fine, just to make an example of them.

As I understand it, the CBA has strict guidelines for how much a player can be fined.

I don’t know what the upper limit is, but I’ve never seen a fine larger than Belichek’s for “videogate” and he isn’t a player.