NFL Week 15

Thursday, 12/17
8:25 PM EST : Tampa Bay ( 2.5 ) at St Louis ( -2.5 )

Saturday, 12/19
8:25 PM EST : NY Jets ( -3 ) at Dallas ( 3 )

Sunday, 12/20
1:00 PM EST : Kansas City ( -7.5 ) at Baltimore ( 7.5 )
1:00 PM EST : Carolina ( -4 ) at NY Giants ( 4 )
1:00 PM EST : Chicago ( 5 ) at Minnesota ( -5 )
1:00 PM EST : Houston ( – ) at Indianapolis ( – )
1:00 PM EST : Buffalo ( -1 ) at Washington ( 1 )
1:00 PM EST : Atlanta ( 3 ) at Jacksonville ( -3 )
1:00 PM EST : Tennessee ( 13.5 ) at New England ( -13.5 )
4:05 PM EST : Green Bay ( -3 ) at Oakland ( 3 )
4:05 PM EST : Cleveland ( 14.5 ) at Seattle ( -14.5 )
4:25 PM EST : Cincinnati ( -4.5 ) at San Francisco ( 4.5 )
4:25 PM EST : Miami ( 2 ) at San Diego ( -2 )
4:25 PM EST : Denver ( 5.5 ) at Pittsburgh ( -5.5 )
8:30 PM EST : Arizona ( -3.5 ) at Philadelphia ( 3.5 )

Monday, 12/21
8:30 PM EST : Detroit ( 3 ) at New Orleans ( -3 )

Only 3 weeks remaining in the regular season. I like Cincy and Miami, both on the road against terrible teams. Pittsburgh is a pretty big favorite over Denver, but I could see it going either way. I believe Payton will continue to sit out for the Broncos.

So Coach Mike my team eats divots Pettine decides to blurt out that Russell Wilson is a “second tier” QB. Not sure why he would say that. Maybe he ought to try a bit more of the Marshawn Lynch approach to press conferences.

Tonight’s game looked like Team Mustard vs Team Ketchup!

You took that like from Rich Eisen

Like it did in 2014. I think the Patriots win the AFC. They’re representing the conference again.

Do you disagree? Would you rank Wilson in the top 4 NFL QBs?
This is why Belichick says nothing and is boring. If you say something remotely interesting, even if it is generally agreed upon, the media will overreact.
I don’t even like Pettine, but I don’t have a problem with his comment.

Wow. The Rams actually had a passing game last night. Now if they could just get a passing game and a running game going in the same game they could actually crack the 7-9 ceiling.

My wife thought it was the cast from Cats.

I thought they looked like an interpretive dance team.

My God those were horrible uniforms! For the total effect, the shoes even matched.

I didn’t, actually. Did he say something similar?

Yup, that’s part of the whole Color Rush effect. At least that’s the last time they’ll be used this year.

Sounds like petty jealousy to me. “I wish I had a QB that could perform that well.” Or perhaps he is hoping to pressure Wilson into trying too hard and screwing up.

I pm a big Seahawks fan, and I thought those comments were pretty complimentary. Wilson is very good (usually), and sometimes great. There was nothing insulting in Pettine’s comments.

Browns are going to beat Seahawks by 30. Pettine and Farmer keep their jobs. Manziel lights them up for 400 yards. He’s named starter next year. Browns skip drafting a top QB prospect. Manziel goes to rehab for Krokodil addiction 2 days after the draft.

Good thing there’s no top QB prospect for them to miss out on this year. Which is exactly why they’ll get the #1 pick.

Goff is fine. He’s not Luck but you can’t have a “once in a generation prospect” every year or two. People expect too much out of top QB propsects to be considered being a true top prospect.

I tend to agree. Pettine’s statement:

From that last part, it sounds like Pettine could be saying that Wilson has played his way into a higher tier, is on his way up, and if he continues his high level of play, he’ll absolutely be in that elite class. But isn’t there yet.

I completely agree with him, if that’s a fair interpretation. His performance over the past few games has been insane. Even if he regresses a bit (or defenses adjust), he could definitely be in that conversation soon. If he regresses to where he was earlier this season, not so much.

QB drafting is kind of a crap shoot. Four of the most famous/successful superbowl QBs were sub-round-2 picks: Brady @ 6(199), Montana @ 3(82), Staubach @ 10(129) and Starr @ 17(200). If you want the (current) Browns to actually make it to the big show, you should hope for more than just a Heismann QB.

Oh, I have no illusions that the Browns might actually hit a superstar QB with a late round pick. They haven’t figured out how to use their first round picks.

I guess I’m the odd person out on the Color Rush uniforms. I find them fun to watch, and the contrast to the boundaries make it much clearer if someone is in bound or out of bounds.

There are remarkably few games on the slate right now. I’ve got that gamepass 4 way splitscreen and I’m struggling to find games worth putting up.