NFL week 2: The Lion(s) (don't) sleep tonight(/ Sunday)(?)

My apologies if this week’s has been started and I missed it.

The Lions are favored to win this week for the first time in a year and a half, against Washington. As a Detroit fan I always look forward to a chance to end the chances of a 0-and-X year early.

And traditionally, they lose that one as well.

Either that, or some seasons the Lions start out a little hot, winning their first couple games, or first 2 out of 3, and we dare to get our hopes up. Then the back half of the season they peter out and eventually limp to a .500 finish or worse.

I’ve never understood the Lions. There’s years when they’ve had good talent, but they always find ways to lose. If they don’t, they are often victims of bad luck, horrid calls, or both.

I remember a game between the Bears and the Lions years ago. The Bears were leading, but Detroit was driving for the winning score. A receiver with the nickname, “Megatron”, made a great catch and, as he rolled over and was starting to get to his feet, he released the ball on the ground before rising with both fists triumphantly in the air. Suddenly, an official runs in vehemently waving his arms saying the pass was incomplete. The ruling, “Failure to complete the catch.” I guess he should have autographed the football before releasing it. In any case, we were given that game, a gift I gladly accepted because we weren’t any better than them to be honest.

Oh, an addendum: They also had a great quarterback for years, also, and still performed miserably. What did Stafford do in his first year away from Detroit? Yep, win a Super Bowl. He couldn’t even win the division with Detroit.

I remember that well, in a “where were you when (X) happened” sense- my kids were little then, and we were at a cider mill / outdoor play thing with hay bales to climb and stuff. So I caught the end of the game on the radio driving home. When Calvin Johnson made the TD I was like “yeah!!” then the “failure to complete” call and I probably yelled a few words the kids shouldn’t have heard. Yeah, the Lions have been cursed for years.

In last season’s equivalent of these threads, I argued that Stafford was a Super Bowl-level QB and got a lot of flak for it. Fortunately I’m too mature to say “I told ya so”. :smile:

To be fair, I think what I said was something like "if Tom Brady had been the QB for the Lions the last 12 years, people would be like “who’s he?” and other Dopers thought I was comparing Stafford to Brady, which I wasn’t- I was just saying no QB on his own, no matter how good, can seem to pull the Lions out of their pit of despair.

I quoted you so you can not say it twice. LOL

I hope I wasn’t one who gave you flak. Some of the names of “Super Bowl level QBs”: Joe Flacco. Nick Foles. Jeff Hostetler. Mark Rypien. Trent Dilfer. Brad Johnson. Rex Grossman. Jake Delhomme. I’d definitely put Matthew Stafford up there with them.

Heh, you got me curious so I went to the replay highlights: the flak did start with you in a Conference Championship thread , and continued entertainingly with some others. We ended up that thread on a civil note, no hard feelings :slightly_smiling_face:

I refuse to believe that I had an opinion about NFL football and expressed it too vehemently and without tact or kindness. That only happens like once. Every day. Possibly every hour. Glad we’re good.

If the Seahawks win as do the Falcons over the Rams (I think that is a possibility based on last week) and the Raiders over the Cardinals (Las Vegas is favored) then Seattle will have a 2 game lead in the NFC West. Who would have guessed that?

It was so infamous they named a rule after it.

I’m a lifelong Hawks fan and would not have guessed.

I’m also not counting on them beating the Niners. I don’t think either the Seattle/Denver game or SF/Chicago game really showed what those teams are. I think Geno played his best and the Niners couldn’t handle that awful field.

Hostetler was a backup who was thrust into service around week 12. It’s not like the team planned to win with him.

I was trying to think of another example, but is there one? Is Hostetler the only backup quarterback to win a Superbowl?

Nick Foles for one.

You could also argue Doug Williams, Colin Kaepernick, Trent Dilfer, Kurt Warner, and even Tom Brady were not intended to be their starting QBs the year they went to the Super Bowl.

Yeah, good call. Tom Brady for sure, but Nick Foles is even more obvious. As a Giants fan I think I blocked out that Superbowl.

Trent Dilfer was the backup?

I did wonder about Kurt Warner. Trent Green was the starter at the beginning of that year? (I think it was preseason, but same deal.) If so, yeah that counts.

I don’t think you can really compare a guy you trade for and plan to win with to a backup you’re forced to press into service.

Saw some encouraging news on the ESPN crawl during PTI. Those goofy new helmets apparently cut the concussion rate in half from training camp through the second week of preseason, down from averaging 23 concussions over the past 3 years to 11 this year.

The crawl said it’s required for OL, DL, TE and LB but I’ve seen some other positions wear them so I guess it’s optional for everyone else.

IIRC, Tony Banks was the starter that year.

Nice memory. Pro football reference says Banks started eight games that year, so yeah, very similar.

I didn’t even recognize the name Tony Banks.

Thank fantasy football. I drafted him once, that’s the only reason I know of him.

Genesis keyboardist, right?