NFL week 6 predictions/discussion thread

I keep forgetting to start these - I keep expecting someone else to.

Bodog lines. Home team capitalized. Favorites, spread, dog, over/under.

Cincinatti 3 KC 43

Cinci’s had a bye to try to at least try to plug some leaks on defense, KC isn’t as good as the flashes they’ve shown. Cinci, over.

JAX -7 Hou 37

Jacksonville is too inconsistent for me to want to take that line. Should be a low scorer. Houston, under.

CLEVELAND -4.5 Miami 45

It’s not often Cleveland is expected to win. It’s also not often that they can beat a team they’re supposed to. Still, the Cleveland offense is averaging over 25 points a game over the last 4 against better defenses than Miami, while Miami is mostly a train wreck. The over-under is tough. There won’t be a lot of defense played this game, but there will be a lot of rushing to run the clock and keep the scoring now…still… over.

CHICAGO -4.5 Minnesota 37

Chicago starts to rebound a little against an offense weak enough that they can dominate. Chicago, under.

Philadelphia 3.5 NYJ 42.5

Depends on which McNabb shows up. I think it’s going to be closer to the Detroit McNabb than the Giants McNabb, and NYJ can be exploited through the air. Philly, over.

BALTIMORE 10 St. Louis 37

Baltimore is easily the most overrated team in the NFL and doesn’t deserve to be a 10 point favorite over anyone. They’ve gotten 3 squeaker wins against bad teams who were all playing their backup quarterback, and they’ve lost to 2 teams that most media “power rankings” put 15+ places below them. And yet everyone in the media still desperately wants to orally please Stabbin’ Ray Ray. St. Louis, over (barely).

TAMPA BAY 3 Tennessee 37.5

Even game on a neutral field, this one is hard to call. Tennessee is 9-2 since midseason last year, but Tampa probably has the athletes on defense to stop Vince Young. TB, under.

GREEN BAY 3 Washington 40.5

Another tricky one. Washington dominated the pass-first offense of the Lions and Green Bay isn’t a very balanced offense. Washington, over.

ARIZONA 4.5 Carolina 40.5

Carolina really should be doing better than they are, but they aren’t. Arizona is learning to be a tough team. I don’t like either team with this spread, but I’ll go with Arizona, over.

New England 6.5 DALLAS 53

Dallas is overrated having played a pretty weak schedule. New England is dismantling people, and the scandal seems to have been suspiciously forgotten by the NFL and media. The power of the AFC destroys the power of the NFC. (I almost said “the class of the AFC”, but we’re talking about New England here). It won’t be quite the shootout that everyone is expecting. Under.

SAN DIEGO 10 Oakland 44

San Diego appears to be back to their old ways, but I want to see two good weeks before I start picking them as 10 point favorites. Oakland has been decent in all phases of the game. Oakland, under.

SEATTLE 7 New Orleans 43

Seattle is somewhat overrated playing in the weak NFC west. We saw what happens to them when they play a legitimately good (spit) team. However, New Orleans isn’t legitimately good. But I expect them to bounce back somewhat and hang in there, and 7 is a decent few points. New Orleans, over.

Edit: In a semi-related note, I’m considering running a yardage pool on the SDMB. I already run about 800 football related threads on the SDMB, so what’s one more? You’d pick the players you thought would get the most passing yards, rushing yards, and receiving yards, and then the actual amount of yards they get would be added to your score. It would all be run in the thread. Would anyone be interested in that sort of thing?

I got a transcript of the coach’s radio frequency of the Cleveland side of this week’s game.

Rob Chudzinski [offensive coordinator]: There you go, Romeo. I’ve got you a nice 21 point lead well before half time. We’ve got this one in the bag.

Romeo Crennel [head coach]: No way, Chud, you’re not going to win this one.

Chud: … what?

[Miami easily drives down the field with little opposition. Cleo Lemon looks like Peyton Manning. A first and 30 situation ultimately results in a conversion]

Romeo: See? It has begun.

Chud: What? What’s going on?

[Half time passes, Miami gets the ball back, and drives down the field. Cleveland’s defenders are in some mysterious alignment in which they neither rush the passer, nor cover receivers. You can’t see any defenders in the camera angles they’re using, and you suspect they’re playing 11 on 3. Cleo Lemon scores his first rushing touchdown.]

Romeo: Clearly you haven’t won yet. You don’t know what I’m capable of.

Chud: What? Romeo, we’re on the same team.

[Yet again, Miami, utterly dominated in route to a 24-3 score early on, is now methodically marching down the field primarily because the defense is not even attempting to resist. 24-3 turns into 27-24.]

Chud: Alright, Romeo. I’m not going to let you lose this one.

[Cleveland efficiently marches down the field and scores 2 more touchdowns.]

Romeo: I need Ronnie Brown to carry my fantasy team this week, and no matter how many lanes I try to keep open for him, they keep giving TDs to someone else.

You’ve forced me to pull out the big guns. INITIATE OPERATION MYSTERIOUS ONSIDE KICK.

[Cleveland does an onside kick, with a 17 point lead, with 5 minutes left in the game]

Fortunately, Romeo failed in his desperate attempts to lose the game.

I figured there’d be a solid NE win (I placed them as a high value in my confidence league) because there’s simply no NFC team that can keep up with the top of the AFC.

Still, that NE was able to dispatch so convincingly with the best of the NFC says a lot. They’re demolishing everyone put in front of them. Who can stop them?

The Nov 4 NE/Indy game will be interesting.

Yea, I really thought my Cowboys had a chance there in the third quarter when they were leading, but unfortunately the juggernaut that is the New England offense came alive and it was all downhill from there. At least the 'Skins lost so they maintain a two game lead in the division! :cool:

And SenorBeef officially takes the Diomedes-favorite Dope-Post ever award.

So let’s get down to the real issue for today: I’ll put Big Blue’s sack total for tonight’s slaughter at 8.5 – over or under?

Ugh, over probably. That Atlanta offense is pretty pathetic

The patriots apparnetly had a popcorn party in the visitor’s locker room after the game.

Another week, another Cardinals quarterback down.

Joey Porter and Kellen Winslow have a rivalry thing going. Porter was running his mouth before this week’s game, and Kellen responded something like “that guy just sounds so angry, I think he needs a hug”

After the game where he put up 90 yards and the Browns offense 41 points, the media asked him if he gave Porter a hug, and he said " Nah I didn’t give him a hug no, I didn’t know he was out there. "


Oh wow if that is true then that really lacks class. So not only do they cheat but they’re poor winners as well huh? Well I guess that’s all you can expect from Belichick.