Nip/Tuck 10/24 (spoilers)

So have their been any reference’s to Sean having a disfigurment at a child before or is this something the writers pulled out of their asses? Julia and the little man? That wasn’t unexpected. Was the actress playing Mrs Grubman on the Newhart show?

I’m just watching the rerun now. I’m glad Julia got involved with Marlo, I like his character, and especially considering how much Sean’s run around on her, she deserves a decent man.
It seems that Christian is getting more emotionally multi-dimensional, while Sean is becoming more angry and hardened.
I mean, who’d have thought that Christian would pay off a blackmailer because of a girl he fell in love with, give away post-mortem surgeries to a patient he felt bad for?

And I’ve never noticed any foreshadowing on the idea that Sean had a cleft ever before.
More when I finish this ep.

No, that was Marcia Wallace, though she and Ruth Williamson (Mrs. Grubman) probably belong in the Names of Two Actresses That Are Mistaken For Each Other thread.

Which is which?

Great episode, but too tired to post about it now. I’ll come back tomorrow after I’ve digested it a bit more.

I’m not so sure that Marlo is a “good man.” He seems very manipulative about things that really aren’t any of his business. It’s not up to the help to decide whether a child has surgery or not, and it’s not up to the help to push their agendas on the parents.

Grubman’s funeral was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen on this show. She was a vain bitch, but I felt so sorry for her.

I have a question that is driving me nuts! What is the name of the actor that played the dad of the asshole kid?