No beef on pizza?

I’m not counting ground beef. I am looking over my leftovers and I have plain pizza and some rare beef roast. I’m thinking you could put the thin slices of beef at the end of the baking. Just enough to warm it up. Perhaps add horseradish sauce. Mushrooms would be good.

Sure, sounds tasty.

I have seen carne asada pizza.

I’ve seen Philly Cheesesteak pizza.

Pretty much all Chicago pizza places have a Italian Beef Pizza.

Here in the Chicago area, I’ve seen pizza restaurants offer “Italian beef” pizzas, based on the same ingredients in an Italian beef sandwich (sliced and seasoned roast beef, with giardineria peppers or sweet peppers).

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I’ve eaten it, and it’s pretty tasty.

Seriously… anything can go on pizza. We put a sliced-up leftover hot dog on a homemade one last week as more of a joke than anything else, and it turned out to be surprisingly good. Like do it again good.

I remember when Pizza Hut came out with A1 steak sauce pizza. It was actually pretty good.

Thin beef slices are awesome on pizza! But are you adding beef to an already prepared pizza? As in, on top of the cheese? I think it will dry out and not be awesome, like it would be if the cheese was on top. Keep us posted, please.

Oh yeah, me too.

A roast beef pizza would only be tasty with the horseradish, could be very good.

As a one-time employee of a local pizza chain, I learned to never put raw ground beef on a pizza. It’s too fatty and will leave a grease pool on top the pizza. I’ve never even been interested unless it involved taco seasoning. Not when there are so many other, delicious options.

Sliced beef on pizza is awesome with lots of things other than (including? IDK) horseradish. Garlic, for example. Or jalapenos. Even if the sauce was BBQ sauce instead of standard pizza sauce, YUM! (But the beefs must be beneath the cheese. Or at least kind of intertwined.)

My favorite pizza currently is one with thinly sliced gyro meat (beef and lamb).

Concur that almost anything can go on pizza. There used to be a place up the street from me that made the most wonderful gourmet pizzas, primarily with seafood – shrimps, scallops, seared tuna, etc. Getting the timing just right so the delicate seafood wasn’t overdone must have been tricky. They did a great job but their pizzas were expensive and ultimately the business didn’t survive.

Personally I’m old school when it comes to pizza. Pepperoni, green pepper, and mushrooms are de rigeur, black olives, onion, tomatoes, and maybe anchovies are optional. I don’t like beef or Italian sausage but that’s just a personal preference.

I’ve had corned beef pizza. Pretty good.

Adding beef, fine, you’re not going to hurt it, that’s for sure.

The pizza place I usually order from occasionally has “limited time” pizzas. Not only have they had steak pizzas - which were not roast beef but pieces of steak - but once they had chicken alfredo pizza. The latter was … interesting.

I have to get out more!

I still haven’t tried this and I love Italian beef. I don’t really get pizza often, if it wasn’t for work bringing in pizza every once and a while, I’d probably only have it a few times a year. But my strong preference for Italian sausage overwhelms any curiosity.

Gyros meat is an outstanding pizza topping. However, the overlap between places with gyros and places with pizza is surprisingly narrow. Greek vs Italian, I suppose. For example, here’s a place near me with pizza and an Italian menu, no gyros:
Carry Out Pizza | Chicago IL | Paterno's Pizza


There is a gyros restaurant a few blocks from me (where I got dinner tonight, in fact), owned by a Greek immigrant, which added a pizza oven a decade or so ago. They offer gyros meat as a pizza topping, but I had never noticed that until looking at their menu now. I will have to get one!

In case it sucks, remember, it was all @Elmer_J.Fudd’s idea. If it’s good, it was my recommendation.

No, it’s great…fatty, salty, highly seasoned and stands up to assertive tomato sauce and cheese flavors.