No Stephanie-Brad Pitt IS NOT In Love with You!

My 16 year old neice (Stephanie) is convinced she’s in love with Brad Pitt. She is obsessed-she writes fan letters to him, and has her bedroom walls plastered with photos of this mildly-talented actor. She wants her parents to dip into her college fund, so she can fly out to LA and meet him!
I tried explaining to her that Brad hasn’t the slightest interest in meeting a 16 year old nobody…and that her fan letters will very likely never be answered by the object of her affection. She even wants to propose to him (a bit difficult, since he is married).
Should I be cruel, and tell her that she would never get his notice? Or does this adolescent fantasy disappear on its own?
Or should I be really mean…and tell a friend to call her (and pretent he’s Pitt)?:wally

Don’t tell her that mrs jjimm once got a kiss off Brad!

I actually think Brad Pitt is a very-talented actor.

I say let her go through her phase, unless you think she might do something really dumb, like go to L.A. on her own.

Ordinarily, I’d say that the situation would resolve itself in time. This kind of adolescent puppy love is common and usually goes away on its own. But it sounds like her affection has gone beyond the usual teenage crush thing. The fact that she wants to sacrifice college money to attempt to meet him is a bit worrisome.

Perhaps this Brad Pitt fantasy is an attempt to escape from her own reality. Is she unhappy?

How are her parents dealing with this?

(and of course you shouldn’t have anybody call and pretend he’s Brad. Rather, have a female friend call and pretend she’s Jennifer. :stuck_out_tongue: )

It goes away on its own, usually. Unattainable celebs serve a purpose in our emotional development. Some grown-ups sometimes get crushes, although grown-ups tend to recognise their silly schoolgirl crushes as such, and don’t tend to act on them.

She is ok as long as she does not starting thinking that they are together RIGHT NOW. Infatuation with someone out of reach is ok and perfectly natural.

I would worry if she was on about someone not real. I will give you the case of me vs. Cheetara of the Thundercats as proof.

Thank you and goodnight ladies and gentlemen.:smiley:

DON’T do the phone call. I was once a part of a vicious trick on someone where after a night backstage at a Bush concert, we called a girl and told her that we were Gavin Rossdale and wanted to meet her at the Ritz down town.

This was a 21 year old girl and she was PISSED BEYOND REPAIR.

Take it from a girl who has many thousand mindless crushes. I’m never going to have sex with Vin Diesel, but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming about it everyday and wishing I could meet him and touch his bald head.

Teen crushes on celebrities are totally normal. I’m surprised you act like she’s the first girl to be in love with Brad Pitt. And I’mm also surprised that you’re so cruel to her.

When I was growing up my room was PLASTERED with posters and I sent fan mail and all that crap. I grew out of it, but that’s what these actors are there for…to feed the fantasy minds of teens.

Let her have her fun and worry about yourself.


Hell, I’m still writing fan letters to Leonard Nimoy, and hoping he’ll send me an autographed pair of ears.

I might be concerned though. I know someone who is bipolar and has a lot of problems, one of which is an intense infatuation/love/imaginary relationship with a famous rock star. I don’t know much about bipolar disorder (or any other mental disorder for that matter), but there is such thing as being too obsessed.

now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go get my collection of “I grok Spock” t-shirts back from the dry cleaners.

Thank your lucky stars that she doesn’t actually live in L.A. She could do a lot of damage then.

One of my friends (well into her thirties at this point) was quite the little pest at movie sets and location shoots. She’d wiggle her way into the good graces of a co-star or crewmember of her current obsession. She’d then be always “around” when so-and-so (her current obsession) was around on the set. It would escalate into her doing slightly weird freaky things. Like leaving weird phone messages, or gifts at their front gate, or whatever. Nothing really scary in a criminal way, just kind of peculiar and a bit embarrassing for those around her. (Our friend was otherwise a pretty cool person, so we just couldn’t understand her complete lack of good judgment when it came to celebrity crushes!)

Needless to say, our friend missed out on a lot of opportunies to see film shoots and such. I was once hired to do some creative work for a popular TV series (nothing big, just a half day’s work), and guess what—I “forgot” to tell my friend about my good fortune. She would have surely insisted on being there, had she known. Doing who knows what. And she missed out on other opportunities to see shows being filmed. She was NEVER told that we were all going to see something filmed, or were “invited” to see something being shot. (I had some friends who worked for the studios.) We would have never been invited back to any TV or film shoot had this one friend invited herself along!

Anyway, sorry for the tangent. I just think that your niece could be SO much worse. She’s young, she’ll probably grow out of it. Just NEVER let her get to L.A. until she’s over this! NEVER!

…that Brad Pitt is married?