I downloaded a song and transcribed the lyrics here, but could someone find out for me whose song it is and what it’s called? as far as i am concerned this song doesn’t exist!!! [according to eMule the song title is Broken Earth by Nick Drake, but I looked through all Nick Drake lyrics online and wasn’t able to locate it.]

No change today,
Couldn’t count on you anyway,
My lights had turned from red to gray
The dead man’s color
Hear the dogs outside
All the strays lay quite for a while
Hoping for a break in the broken earth
Use all of my time
Use anything you can find
To ride me down,
Like the broken earth

First of all, you will probably get a better response to a question like this in Cafe Society, where the folks familiar with music and such hang out.

Second, you should be aware that the SDMB frowns on posting complete lyrics for copyright reasons. Small excerpts are OK.

Swell. Now I have nothing to say.

Well, not entirely true. I left what I thought would be enough of the lyrics for someone to be able to identify the song, DuhCow. I hope it’s enough.

I knew it!!! it doesn’t exist!

I can’t find a reliable cite to back me up, but I think that “Broken Earth” by Nick Drake was released as one of the sides of a single but was never included on an LP - thus why you can’t find it listed anywhere.

I’m a massive massive Nick Drake fan and I’ve never heard of it.

Googling it reveals claims it’s a Soft Machine/Drake collaboration. However, this messageboard says that the attribution of the song to Nick Drake is a hoax. One of the posters claims to have spoken to Allan Holdsworth of Soft Machine, and he denied any collaboration. The definitive Nick Drake site doesn’t mention it.

If it’s legal to do so, email it to jimmywee at gmail dot com and I’ll give you my opinion on the voice!