Non Sequiturs

Try as I might I can’t seem to come up with a thread that’s not related to other current threads. As soon as I think I have the idea that is fresh and post it, along comes one that’s been up a day or two (or much longer, just bumped into view) along similar lines.

It’s like I scan the topics being discussed, try to form a mental picture of where these topics are located in the vast tapestry of human thought, current news items, latest fads, popular trivia, you name it. Then I try to orient my thinking to the other pole, the other extreme of where thoughts come from. But as soon as I put up a new thread it becomes painfully obvious that I was on a wavelength with several others.

Oddly enough, it’s been the threads that managed to hook into the zeitgeist that I didn’t consciously consider, that have taken off and run for a good number of replies (views at least).

This time, I want to appeal to the adventurous among you to post things that are absolutely not connected with anything going on at this time on SDMB. Yeah, I tried it before. Results varied from zero to not many.

What I want here is a thread with at least 100 replies and maybe 500 views in a short time span, say a week?

Just post the thing you think of first that has absolutely nothing to do with anything previously posted in theis thread.

Be careful, though. If you’re like I’ve been, as soon as you post it, you’re going to see it’s connected to something already posted.

Just don’t get discouraged. You can think of something more distant. It’s in our nature to want to huddle together.

Break free!

Find a tangent.


I like pie.

We may not make sense, but we do like pizza.

My cousin had a squirrel named Virgil, and he never acted like that.

OK fine, Batman will always win if he is prepared, but so would everyone else. I mean, if he were fighting Superman then he would obviously have some Kryptonite to bring Ol’ Supes to his knees. But if Supes was prepared he would have some kind of lead suit on that would block the radiation thus cancelling out Batman’s preparedness. Now, I suppose Bats could come in with a giant can opener to get Supes out of his suit but really that would be hella silly now wouldn’t it?

Usually you can count on one hand the number of outfielders who make it to the playoffs with just knee injuries. Most of them wear their hats like everybody else and bathe as often, too. I just don’t understand these rules any more.

My knee itches.

Therefore, the blue pill is red.

If I understand this label correctly, the side facing me should be regarded as “front” and the side facing away from me should be “B” and then, if so, the part that’s on the right should be the one I plug into the wall. Is that right?

Origami was not invented by the Marquis de Sade.

I like to see how many grapes I can fit into my mouth and still pronounce the word “mammary”.

No, I do not like mushrooms. Especially not in ice cream!

But that’s why we’re forced to hire plumbers - and why the heck to they charge so much?

Sin(A) = a / b


When we backed it up it wasn’t anywhere near that door. So don’t tell me I’m blind. I heard it.

The following is a transcript in it’s entirety of “the talk” I had with my dad when I was about 13-14…

First a little background. I grew up on a farm in Alabama… on the day in question Daddy and I had been fencing (that’s building fences, not sword-fighting) and were in the truck riding back up to the house, bone tired… dirty, smelly, hungry… This is when
Daddy said: “Son”
I replied: “Yeah, Daddy?”
D: “You don’t EVER want to get crabs.”
I : “OK, Dad.”
that’s it.

Cosmic rays have been known to melt butter on a hot day, but as far as research has gone with the detection equipment, very few of them can be counted at any one moment, thus adding to the dilemma of harnessing them for power sources or automating them. We may live to see this happen, but I doubt it.

:smiley: :smiley: That’s hillarious!

How should I know what time it is? I can’t play the trumpet.

Even the tiniest amoebas have a good time when they feel like it. They will cavort and wriggle and do all sorts of neat tricks, just to please the big amoebas in the crowd. You would, too, if that’s all you had to look forward to.