Nordstrom's made-to-order shirts?

Anyone have any experiences with Nordstrom’s made-to-order men’s dress shirts? I was looking for a gift for my brother, but am now intrigued for myself…

I’m wondering what the prices are like. And if they’re worth it. I hate dress shirts; they never fit because I’m too tall, but the “tall” shorts have tails down to my knees. And the shoulders too narrow, sleeves too short… apparently, I’m a freak of nature.

My brother, too, but at this point he’s probably just getting a damn gift card, anyway.

My recollection is that these start at about $150.

You can get a regular Nordstrom shirt on sale for much less and have it taken in to fit you better for about $20.

The problem with a tailored shirt for all measurements is that you will expand as you get older and with the seasons. The one time I had four shirts precisely tailored, I was too fat for them 2 years later and my neck size never got smaller when I lost weight.

My wife got me a couple of their made-to-order shirts for my birthday, because I’m too scrawny for regular dress shirts. They are a little pricey, but they’re nice fabric and they turn out beautifully.

Eh, I’m already older and gained the weight and lost it and kept it off for 15 years, so I’m not worried about my sizes changing.

$150 is a bit much though. Might still be worth a couple for as often as I have to wear fancy dress nowadays since it sounds like they’d last… hmm.

I haven’t done it, but a coworker said he only buys Nordstrom shirts (off the rack) because they last forever. I imagine the same would be true of a Nordstrom bespoke shirt.

I got my custom shirts from Lands End. About $65.

Wonderful. I can’t have an ordinary shirt tailored, as the sleeves are waaaay too short.