Not another Werewolf game! With Pirates!

As the title says, this is not another Werewolf game. It is, however, an attempt to drum up another half-dozen or so players - the game itself will be conducted off-board and this thread allowed to die a natural death.


Players so far:

Hockey Monkey
Omi no Kami
Blaster Master

Players should already be familiar with the basic mechanics, for which see the current “Kinder, Gentler” thread or the just-completed “Werewolf II” thread. Either post here or PM me to be included. Please make sure your email is in your profile as I will need to invite you to the relevant Google group(s).

Thank’ee shipmates!

You know, I think I’d be interested in playing again. I’ll sign up, although I have no access during the working day (before about 6 BST.)

Then I will need some contact details (PM me with your email addy or email the one in my profile, either is fine. Otherwise you’ll just have to post something).

E-mail sent.

I have played before, but not for a good few months. I think I have the basic mechanics down pat.

I look forward to the game.

It’s funny, as I read down this list, I still think:

Beat cop, Mason, Vig, GF, ect.

For those that have played two or more games on this board, how hard is it to separate last game’s roles? Or is it easier, since you have a base behaviour to compare to?

I didn’t have much of a problem seperating the roles, but that was mostly because the new role for returning players was usually “corpse”.

Pygmy Rugger, there’ve been a few times in Cafe Society when I’ve seen someone’s handle and wanted to point the finger of scum at them. Luckily, I managed to contain myself.

SCUM! :stuck_out_tongue:

What the hell. ARRRRRR I’M IN, MATEY.


Judging from the player list for this edition, that shouldn’t be as much of a problem this time around, as almost everyone has been in one or more of the previous three games.

Added **MHaye ** and FCOD, could do with two or three more…

I don’t trust this guy any more, for some reason.

and me, right?

Every time I’ve seen your name in any thread since Mafia II was about a day old, I have automatically thought, “Oh, she’s the Detective” and therefore assumed that whatever you say, no matter what the subject, is surely correct.

That? Is the funniest thing I read all day.

By all that is holy, if you pull an **Autolycus ** during the game and talk like that, I will dedicate my entire existence to ending you.

Arrr shiver me timbers, methinks someone has a stick up 'is bum!

Don’t worry. I’ll limit my piraty outbursts as much as possible.


Added all the people who have PMed me.

I think it’s a given that storyteller0910 will be lynched first, since everyone knows by now that there’s no amount of evidence sufficient to be sure that he’s innocent.

I’d love to play, by the way, but I think you’d better count me out of this one. I don’t think I can justify the time commitment right now (I burned too much time just following the last one, as it is).

Can’t you just, y’know, make some more? :smiley:

Well, hell. That’s a downer.