Not for Amy

Hey Amy, if that’s you please hit the back button on your browser at this time.

OK I’m curious. What the heck IS felching anyway?

It involves small, shaven animals and asses.

Remember the Richard Gere/gerbil story?

Dook’s got it half right, it does involve asses.

More than that, I can not tell, I’m already feeling queasy.

:: hoping this isn’t some kind of inside joke between Moe and Amy ::

It’s when a guy ejaculates into a rectum (male or female) and sucks out the remains with any kind of cylindrical mechanism, usually a straw. However, the mouth can be used in times of desperation.

Yuck! Sorry I asked.

But I of course could not have gone the rest of my life without knowing, curiousity knawing away at my soul.

Oh my God!

Someone tell me this is a sick joke.

Oh my God!!!



You aren’t supposed to be here.

Hey, what is she doing in here!

Uumm… Gotcha!!! That’s right Amy, ::weak, forced and very suspicious laughter:: he he… just a joke… he he… boy we sure had you going there for a while… he he… now let’s all leave and never speak of this again.

Amy, it’s an infamous urban legend, often attributed to Richard Gere. (So too is his alleged homosexuality.)

See Snopes for details.

hides the communal feltching straw behind his back

…so I guess a date is out of the question. L

But why would someone want it BACK?

I mean, what would he DO with it? It’s not like he’ll never have any more . . .

Apparently, it’s considered a very intimate kind of thing.

Not my cup of tea, but I’ve heard of more unusual sexual practices. That amputation fetish springs immediatly to mind:

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Someone has to ask

vandal, How exactly did you happen to come across that information?

The way I heard it you suck , then blow it back in . Repeat to fade …


That is some sick stuff and what gets me is that so many people know about it.

You’ve just stumbled into one of the SDMB’s buzz terms (which should pretty much delineate the tone we’ve set around here). For a long while, felching made it into easily 1/3 of the threads in MPSIMS, and into a few other choice threads in the other forums.

If you need any more questions answered about this, uh, recreation, direct your inquiries to Coldfire. He loves this kind of thing.

Well, it’s not like we all get together and DO it, down in the Rumpus Room, or anything like that.

But everyone who’s been hanging out here since…oh, I think it was last September that the Great Felch Postings took place? has “felching” field away in his/her verb vocabulary.

Amy, Amy, Amy. I triiiiied to warn you. But did you listen to your wise friend, Shayna? No. You saw the question posed in the OP and just kept on scrolling. Now next time will you listen to what I tell you and trust me?

The subject of sexual slang came up once in a human sexuality class I took in college. The usual terms were brought up.

Tea bagging, rimming, felching, etc…

You get the idea.