Not really an UncleBeer flame, but...

I can’t post a correction to the MPSIMS thread I started 'cause UncleBeer stomped on it. I’m posting this followup in the pit because it’s more of a moderator gripe post. Rather than have readers go find the closed thread, I’ll just say that I posted a number (listed below), said it was United Airlines and that it had a funky message on it.

Uncle Beer, you’re right - I just trusted the co-worker who gave the number to me. Turns out he had trouble reading the number off a United phone list, and gave me part of one number and part of another. The source numbers were:
1-800-824-6200 for United Automated Flight Operations, and
1-800-241-6522 for United Reservations.

Vertical dyslexia had him giving me the number as 1-800-824-6522, which turns out 1) not to be United, and 2) to have a very curious outgoing message.
UncleBeer closed the thread, but not before saying

Now I have to ask: UncleBeer, did you close the thread because of an inaccuracy, because of some rule that I can’t post phone numbers (Aack! I just did it again!), or did you think I was up to something?

I’d really like to know. You didn’t say I had transgressed a rule, just that you didn’t like it. I haven’t been posting on this board very long, so I’m not sure how you and the other moderators operate. Do you close threads for any ol’ reason, or do you have guidelines? Why did you close the thread I started?

You can’t post a correction, but try a link.

Quite so. Thanks!

Harald Bluetooth, I can’t speak for UncleBeer and you’ll have to wait on him to give you his specific answer, but as a regular poster I’d say it looked like it may have been some sort of spam/advertising. If it were me, I’d be even more suspicious because you are a low-count poster who may not be aware of the no-advertising rule.

If I may make a suggestion . . . you can e-mail admins/mods directly with questions like this, instead of starting a thread. Your choice, of course, but I think e-mail would have been simpler and faster.

Anyway, this is just an idea to chew on until UncleBeer comes by and answers your question - he may have a completely different reason for closing the thread.

Have a nice day!

Coosa, Yes, you’re right. I could have emailed him directly. I chose to post here instead because I viewed UncleBeer’s action as unjustified. By implication, he questioned my motives. As a moderator, he has the power, but he said he closed it because he didn’t like it. I’m questioning that rationale, and asking for a better explanation.

What am I missing here? A moderator didn’t like that you posted a phone number saying it was one thing when in fact it was another and you find that somehow “unjustified?”

We’re not mindreaders here. Well, OK, David B. is a famous television psychic[sup]1[/sup], but other than that we’re not.

You erred. He didn’t like it because the result of your error was to mislead the membership of this board an cause some poor business owner to saddle the cost of incoming 800 calls not intended for him.

Unjustified? How about this? How about we do an IP track on you, inform your ISP, have American Fire Wholesale bill you for the 800 calls. That might be unjustified. Actually, no it wouldn’t it. It would be completely justified.

Closing your thread? You got off very, very light.

Go bitch-slap your friend. Not us.
[sup]1[/sup]: Pull ahead of me in the Pit thread count, will you? :wink:

yea, what’s up with that anyhow?? here’s yet another pit thread about a mod that’s not you. Are you slackin’ off on the job??

I’ve got my money on you in the pool, ya know.

and I have a kid to support.

dammit, get out there and bust some threads!
( :smiley: )

Good lord.


You’re not a mindreader, and neither am I. When I said “unjustified” I meant just that. Not “unjustifiable”. The justification “I don’t like it” didn’t make sense to me. Your explanation does make sense. Thanks.

Clearly, we both should have consulted with David B.! :smiley:

So what was the message, anyway? I didn’t call, on account of I’m on a dialup.

manny, I like you in person, and most of the time I like you here, too. But sometimes you just plain lose it.

This, IMHO, is one of those times.

Exactly what right would American Fire Wholesale have to bill Harald for the calls to their number? They agreed to pay for those calls. They had a brief but intriguing message that encouraged further calls. IANAL, but I’m willing to bet you that there’s not any enforceable law on the books saying that if I suggest to my friends that they call an 800 number, I’m somehow liable. Email me if you want to put some money on this proposition.

When I set up a website, or an 800 number, or whatever, I’m responsible for the bandwidth. By the same token, links should be banned from this board, because they encourage people on this board to visit the websites in question, which incurs bandwidth charges for the owners of the sites. There’s no difference between one and the other that I can see.

You set up a website or an 800 number, people are going to visit/call it. Most of them will be the people you hope will visit/call; some won’t. If people here drop in on Jack Chick’s site in droves to laugh at his latest insane tracts, then will you chew out the person who posted the link? I doubt it. And there’s no reason for you to do so in this situation, either.

[sub]BTW, the message was, “Thank you for calling. Goodbye.” [/sub]

I closed your thread for four reasons:

  1. It went to another business than that which you stated
  2. The receiver of the calls has to pay for every time someone dials that number
  3. I had received more than enough e-mail about that thread, and
  4. the most important reason; I was tired of checking telephone numbers. It’s enough that I have to check URL’s. I ain’t checking a bunch of telephone numbers, too.

I hate the goddamned smilies so I won’t post the rolleyes for this, but . . . lose it?

UncleBeer, thanks for the breakdown. I do appreciate it, and now I have a better understanding of what you and the other mods do. When I saw your ‘closing the thread’ message, I didn’t get it. Even though you didn’t say anything personal, part of me took it that way. Shouldn’t have, but there we are.

Thanks again