Now I've gone and done it ... (doper starts a relationship thread)

Well, today I did something that I’m wondering in my deepest heart of hearts whether I really should have done.

I’ve asked a guy at work out. As in “out” out - like on a date.

He agreed, by the way, and thought it was cute that I was embarrased about asking in the first place (it took me three weeks plus to work up the courage…) He’s been interested in me as well, so things have a chance of working out.

Why the hesitation you may ask? - it’s work. I’m having a very hard time getting over the “never fish off the company pier” thing. Plus, add to that the fact that the last serious relationship that I had started at work and ended extremely badly.

I’m nervous as hell and you have no idea just how hard it was to ask him this morning.

Anyway - I’ll take it one step at a time.

Another workplace relationship? I don’t know.

(I think I need the expert counsel of matt_mcl and Scott Evil

Hey, good luck man. I hope it works out really well for you both.

Good luck! I had a relationship with a guy at work and it ended badly too, though.

After awhile it chilled out and we still talk to each other now.

Oh, and here I thought you meant “out” as in like ‘calling him out’ to the street for a showdown gunfight at high noon.

Seriously, good luck tho!

Tombstone. What a great movie.

Wellllll if it gets serious you can always force him to quit his job, then it won’t be an at work relationship!
OUCH! just jokin!

Ahhh, Krisfer, I knew I could count on you for good advice! :D:D


How did it go?

We are waiting for details!!! Make with the info mon!
crosses fingers Hope it all goes well!

We haven’t actually gone out yet. Thursdays and Fridays are his weekend and with all the work we’ve all been going through as of late (we’ve just merged two TV stations) he’s been working the same 18 hour days that I have - neither of us has had a full day off in almost a month and a half.

We’ve talked a little more and it looks like this coming Thursday evening we’ll be able to go out to dinner and whatever comes afterwards.
Just for you, Krisfer, I’ll try to keep the updates coming :smiley:

Yer so sweet to indulge my cyber voyeurism… :cool:

BTW, didja get the email I sent ya?

You’ll have to excuse Krisfer, she has a thing for gay bois.:smiley:

Good on you must have been but you did it!!!
Pat yourself on the back and keep us posted.

So, we went out for dinner this week.

He had told me ahead of time that he “wasn’t interested in anything romantic.”

During dinner, I discovered that he has had some bad luck lately with having guys attracted to him that turn out to be spinless, weak and basically needy (it sounded like to me, anyway) - so I’m now starting to wonder if he was telling me that he “wasn’t looking” sort of to protect himself.

Because … dinner went very, very well. We talked about everything - and for almost four hours. We were the last ones out of the restaurant. We had a very nice and very long and very affectionate hug in the parking lot before we went our seperate ways home for the evening.

While in situations like this I tend not to get overly hopeful, I’m just not sure about this one. But we’re going out again shortly, so who knows.

  • just for you, Krsifer… 'K?

Well sounds like it wasn’t a TOTAL waste of time. And it sounds like he was fairly honest wit ya. Are you sure you were out with a MAN!? :wink:

Golly… you must not have seen my post to the wallet thread…