Numfar! Do the dance of Lost 1.12:Whatever the Case May Be


What’s the Korean woman’s name again? Kim or Sun? Sun, right? I guess her command of the English language is somewhat limited.

Seeing Jack not trust Kate is a good move by the writers, I think. Also, why is it that women shake their head no when agreeing to something they don’t really want? The decaying corpse is a good touch. Even the Doctor is getting grossed out. Kate is proving herself to be untrustworthy. After all, she is a bank heist mastermind. All to get one envelope. Why didn’t Jack look at it!?!?!?!? To give her one more chance? Did it work? Or is she playing him even now?

See what I mean about Rose? Wow. Awesome. Beautiful. Near perfect characterization.

Sayid is intense, isn’t he? Shannon is cool. She recognizes the French writing as something familiar. A popular story? A child’s nursery rhyme? A movie/book plot? Her back story should be fun. A SONG!!! Of course! :smack: But, does what does a song have to do with the math?

Jack and Sawyer would be stronger if they stopped posturing about Kate. Join arms, brothers!

Notice the shot with the beach livers moving. “A small boy shall lead them all.” WALT!

Something about Rose’s ‘faith’ really strikes a chord. Is it her delivery? Or is it something deeper?
Next week will be super, according to the previews shown.

Woah. I was leaning towards Locke being an essentially benign presence, but after last week’s teaser, now I’m not so sure.

She reminds me of the Oracle in the Matrix movies.

Does anybody know what the French words to “Beyond the Sea” mean? Are they close to the English lyrics? Is it important, or just, as Shannon suspects, the ravings of a lunatic mind?

Next week’s teaser. I meant next week’s teaser. I’m too rattled to type right now, apparently.

Next week sees the return of the TCM! And hopefully more of what Locke found. Anyways, about tonight, pretty tame episode compared to the recent ones, nothing new or shocking really. Although it looks like Sayid and Shannon have a thing going. :wink:

Yeah, Sayid is probably better off with Shannon than with Kate. Kate’s crazy, man!

Although, after next week, who knows?

I know what you mean. Looks like the big ole monster is back.

Is anyone besides me convinced now that Boone is gay? When Shannon asked him, in that snarky tone, whether Locke was his “new boyfriend”, I think she was being serious in a snide way.

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in this episode. I only just watched the first 11 episodes over the xmas vacation, so it’s not like I’ve been on hiatus like the rest of you…the rest of the season is still fresh for me, and this episode seemed really weak compared to where they left off in 1.11. Next week looks good, though.

“La Mer” is about… well, it’s about the sea. That’s why Shannon was talking about sparkles and the infinite blue. How it connects to the equations, if at all, I don’t know, but the song itself isn’t crazy. (Granted, when I Googled the lyrics and ran them through Babelfish, I got a fair amount of nonsense, but then that always happens with Babelfish.)

Sayid is waaaaaay too smart for Shannon. Yeah, I know, she’s hot in a bikini (hey, I’m straight, but not blind), but she really is useless. Look, honey, everyone wouldn’t assume you’re useless if you ever quit sunbathing and did something. :rolleyes: They’ll probably give her a really deep backstory or something, but she needs to get off her ass already.

Maybe Sayid could call me…

And he runs his mom’s wedding planning business. Not that it necessarily means anything, but…

Me too. He gave her too much a stinkeye for that to be just ordinary teasing.

Alls I know is I was having an L.A. Story flashback. The opening credits play over “Somewhere Beyond the Sea” in French. Same translation? I dunno. Does it look like I speak French? But if I did, I can tell you that Sayid wouldn’t be gettin’ his translations from me for free, nuh uh, not unless he break me off a little sumthin’ sumthin’, if you know what I mean.

It did strike me as kind of weird that a person from the Middle East would speak fluent English, but not know any French.

Kate was the mastermind of the bank robbery, but not to rob the bank. Then there is the small matter of her moves when taking down the bank robbers with what looked to be non-lethal shots. She has tracking skills. She talked about killing the man she loved. As usual, many more questions than answers. :rolleyes: The bstrds.

So next week we have Shannon getting eaten (doubt it, but wouldn’t altogether mind) by the monster and Locke braining Boone with a rock to keep the secret of the door (which looks like part of an older plane).

Fast moving thread! Like always.

Boone being gay actually makes some sense, not like my previous Jack wag. Esp with his sister’s little jab that she did. Family always knows how to hurt worse. Tit ofr tat with those two. Perhaps some dark sexual stuff in their back story, hmmm?

As for that little toy airplane being locked up in a bank vault that had to be heisted… WTF?

Perhaps Sayid was formally schooled in an English country and only has a smattering of French? Just because your neighbors buy nuclear materials from the French doesn’t mean you have know it yourself. -striking at the air, I know…

Rose jumped way up in importance here. Some sort of spiritual connection to the island? I think they are setting us up for some major revelation that will involve her and that lucky boy, Walt. Something downright supernatural is going on with that.

Am not really taking that jab too seriously. It seemed more like something a sister would say to tease a brother, rather than Shannon pointing out Boone’s sexuality. Would make things interesting though. As a gay man, I do wonder how I would connect with others that were in a similar situation.

Did it seem a little odd to anyone that Kate said she killed “the man I loved?” I don’t know - it just seems really purposefully vague, as opposed to “I killed my husband” or “I killed my boyfriend.” “The man I loved” could be anyone. I kind of think it’s her father, myself, but I’ve got nothing to back that up. It’s just a weird feeling.

Another question I have…when Kate kept saying that the plane belonged to the man she loved, and Jack kept badgering her about it, she finally said that it belonged to the man she killed. Are we to believe that she killed someone she loved, or was she lying when she said the plane belonged to someone she loved and in reality, it belonged to someone she killed (but did not necessarily love)?

I forgot to add to my post above…one of the reasons I’m thinking that the “man I loved” stuff might have been a lie is that they seemed to be really focusing on her lying and how Jack is trusting her less and less now. He was badgering her for the truth and she seemed to abandon the “love” explanation for the “kill” explanation. But, it happened so fast, she might have meant both. I’m not sure.