O brave new world, that has such Dopers in it

So I had a weird idea for a thread today.

Let’s say all of us Dopers get magically shipped off to a new world. It’s a short distance away from our old world, so we can still communicate with and visit our friends and loved ones. It’s exactly the same as Earth, except that it’s completely uninhabited and untouched by humans.

And, for the sake of fun, let’s throw in that you can choose to bring along any ten items you own.

How would we form a society? Where would we start?

Well, we’d need a government of some sort [sub]I say this after finishing an episode of Battlestar Galactica[/sub].

All I’d need is a giant conch shell . . .

. . . BwwoooOOOOOOOO! BwwwwooooOOOOOOOO! “Dopers! Assemble!!”

Oh, and I’d bring a little dog that speaks Spanish.

Will we have wireless internet?

I’ll bring the Cheetos.

I own 20 saxophones. I’ll bring 'em all and we’ll have a saxophone band. You can learn to play in 90 days and it’s fun!

:smack: Misread “any ten items you own” as “any items you own.” But a ten-piece saxophone band is still fun!

Hmmm… Do we have power in this untouched wilderness?

If so, I’d have to bring my computer, my Big Knife®, my tool box, and my drums.

If not, then I’ll subsitute my sword for the computer.

Recent similar thread: From our cumulative professions, could the SDMB keep (a prosperous) society going?

A bunch of Dopers on an uninhabited world without adult supervision? Can you say Lord of the Flies? Sure you can.

Can I bring the Evil Overlord Control Room of Evil?

I propose we use a base 8 numbering system and a measurement system that is set up in such a way that c is a nice round number.

I want to be able to comment on how quaint base 10 is when I visit earth.

So we are very low tech to start:
Plenty of Game and woods from the sound of it.
Could you supply the location of where we will be gathered?
Climate would greatly affect my equipment.

Anywhere we go, I would want to bring my Solar Panel Array and Equipment. 6700 watts of power. I would include every rechargeble Battery I have and Battery chargers.

I would bring all my flashlights, especially my LED lights. One is a crank light.

I would bring my Bows and Arrows and relearn how to use them.

Laptops with Encarta and all other Reference CD’s.

Knives and Axes.

Large Seabag of portable power & Hand tools.

My Lawn Cart to carry everything.

3 open spots for more stuff.


Got room for two baritone and one bass sax? :smiley:

Can I come after homes are set up? (I’m totally asking for a LotF quote by saying this but…) I have asthma and don’t do too well living outdoors.
Once I do arrive I can make a mean cup of hot chocolate. Or something.

I figure I’ll just hole up in the mountains and wait until the society collapses. Then I’ll pillage the remains.

Aw hell, I guess I could bring my “professional gear” and a rifle or two.

Hell, someone’s gotta stave off the invasion of stupid people. 'Cause you know on an island of intelligencia such as ours, the nearest Ship of Fools would probably try to make landing.

Hell, Lee Marvin could probably just kick my ass by staring at me.

Do we have a member named Piggy by any chance?

I’m bringing condoms.

One boar and two sows.

One rooster and two chickens.

We can eat the boar and the rooster as soon as enough offspring are produced that they are redundant.

One bull and three cows.

We might have to wait a little longer to eat the bull.

That’s ten items. I’m assuming Earthlike environment, so they can graze.

Someone else can bring the rabbits.

Rabbits? We don’t need no steenking rabbits!

I’m bringing the keg. I’m all out of cups though.

My vote for first Chairman/President/Sr. Consul of the new world.

Wait, a keg of what beer?