O J Simpson = Jackass? AGAIN?

What’s that nut up to now? They have raided his home in connection with a drug investigation and confiscated some DTV / DSS or Sat equipment. I think they probably suspect him of signal theft (illegal sat dish cards that get all channels for free).

O.J. Simpson is going to be on MTV’s Jackass?

Damn cool! I’m so very much there. I’ll be watching. I hope they do something good to him.

Jet Black


Try this article, or this one.

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O J Simpson = Jackass! STILL!

(except substitute “Murderer” for “Jackass”)

I heard this on the radio this morning… too funny. Watch them throw his ass in jail for illegel cable!

First Pee Wee, then O.J. The terrorists have already won, I tell you.

Seriously, though, does anyone else see a pattern emerging here? I’m beginning to suspect that The Man is going after his “Tiffany Suspects” to send the message that they’re still in business.

And that makes me wonder whether or not they’re still really in business.

Thanks kindly, Shayna! :slight_smile:

You guys don’t know what you’re talking about! O.J. is obviously using the Ecxtacy to keep him awake longer so he can keep searching for the real killers!

And the real killers are on cable TV, so he’s keeping an eye on them. All those adult pay-per-view channels he’s scoring for free. It’s gotta lead to something.

I hope they don’t riot in the streets again? I can just see the footage on CNN.

On the scene:

Reporter: “Hold up, sir, can we have a moment of your time?”

Guy in the broken window display: “Whatcha’ want!?”

Reporter: “Sir, why are you stealing these TV sets?”

Guy: “Cuz Rodney King was wrongfully convicted of illegal cable! So we’s taking these TV sets from the white man!”

Reporter: “But Sir, it was O.J. Simpson who was arrested for the cable theft, not Rodney King.”

Guy: “Whoa…was he on drugs?”

Reporter: “Xctasy, they claim.”

Guy: “Is he broke?”

Reporter: “Yes, the court has seized all his money.”

Guy: “Same difference ain’t it? Now stand back, we gonna light this sucker up good!”


Sad, sad, sad.

Jet Black