Og no longer smashes?

While perusing woot.com this morning, a certain music compression scheme was mentioned. Being a naturally curious type, I researched further, and it seems like the Tribes of Og have ventured farther afield than we realized – take a look at the second entry down the page. But what’s with the weird spelling? That’s blasphemy, I tells ya! I’m calling for a holy war on this one, folks. Or at least “shenanigans.” I think this absolutely is a time to call shenanigans on the defilers of Og’s good name. Join me!

It’s blasphemy! I say this calls for all out shenanigans! I hereby declare a “Holy Shenanigins” against those infidels!

We’ll pants 'em! Short sheet their beds! TP their lawns! Set bags of doggy doo on fire on their front porches! OG SMITE! OG SMASH! OG PUT THEIR SHORTS IN THE FREEZER!

Og smash, Og avenge, Og grow in popularity, Og appeal to multitude who do not know history and context, Og become catch-phrase for pretty much anyone who like sound of “Og,” Og dissolve into mere fad, Og’s first adherents lose creative control, because Og never develop beyond one-line joke, Og lose hipster cachet, Og outlive usefulness, Og’s fifteen minutes are up, Og repeated neither as tragedy nor farce but as mere repitition, Og tottering on brink of relevance but falling backward, Og really a pretty long way to go to make simple point anyhow, obvious extensions such as “Og-dammit” (or “Og-admit”) and “One nation smashed under Og” and “Og bless” never catch on, Og having trouble questioning religious assumptions when merely add one more name to endless pantheon, Og approach limit of fad horizon and soon be sucked in, Og lose insider snob value, Og can’t get it back, Og about as fresh as valley-speak by now, Og deader than Zappa, Og not tubular anymore, Og clever only first time in any context, Og not welcome in that damn many contexts, Og suffer fate of cute idea that never developed, Og know soon that fate isn’t pretty, resurrection of Og take more humorous thought and inspiration than Og can deliver, Og realizing sarcasm never as powerful as original idea, hard to swear oath on Og, Og ready for scrap heap, Og have pretty good run, time to let Og go already, Enough Og Enough.

You realize, of course, King, that everytime you use Og’s name, he gets a little stronger again?


Do a search for the Internet Oracle. Og Smash predates the SDMB at least five years.

You’re darn right! Do you think we’d praise some brand new deity, still wet behind his sacred ears? Og predates the internet, and the telegraph, too. O, ye of little Faith Popcorn!

I think Og is hydrogenated. When I go to the grocery store, I see all sorts of signs and labels that say:

“0g trans fat.”

You play Land of Og game, much fun. You smash like Og. You talk small words like Og too. Here Land of Og.