OJ's book, TV show cancelled

From CNN

It’s good to know that someone in the media has a little bit of common sense, even if it’s shown belatedly.

Good to hear. Although I would say ‘Ill-considered project’ is right up there in contention for understatement of the year.

Yeah, but a couple of years from now Fox will be running a special on “If we had run that special, here’s how we would have done it”.


Didn’t he already get paid for it?

Please. It’s pure economics. Murdoch saw the public furor and was receiving hate mail from both the right and the left and saw his profits taking a big hit, so pulled the plug. Believe me, conscience had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Huh? I know “conscience” sounds a bit like “common sense” if you have a mouth full of marbles, but…

According to Fox’s Greta Van Susteren tonight, OJ got an advance of maybe $1.5 million, which Fox (or whoever) paid the money directly to an account for his kids. It never went to OJ. This was a move to prevent the Goldman family from getting their hands on it.

Also on this same program, one of OJ’s criminal defense lawyers objected to this matter of stopping the book, as a violation of free speech.

Now. I probably hate OJ as much as any of you, but I think that lawyer’s right. The story might be revolting as hell, but it’s OJ’s constitutional right to publish it.

Murdoch canceled the TV interviews probably for a number of reasons, one of which might have been the outrage of the network’s viewers, to say nothing of the sponsors’ fears of boycotts by these same people.

OJ’s right of free speech doesn’t compell anyone else to publish his book, nor to interview him. Television companies and book publishers have free speech rights as well, and they can say “pass”. That’s not an infringement on OJ’s rights of free speech, just the television and book industries exercising their rights.

He has the right to publish anything he wants…he can either pay for it himself like many authors do, or find a publishing company to do it for him. It’s likely that the latter will be damned hard to find (thankfully).

His right to free speech has not been violated, but the network has exercised their right to not publish his ramblings either in person or in written form.

Good on them.

3 minutes late. Must. learn. to. type. faster.


It’s all in the wrists. :stuck_out_tongue:

His children are both adults now. I would love to know what they think of their father and this blood money from the murder of their mother.

I talked to a lawyer last week who said almost the same thing (about a story I was writing, not about OJ). It took all my willpower not to bust out laughing.

Oh, I forgot the second part of my post: I’m hoping this is the first part of a new Fox special series. They could call it “When Bad Things Happen to Bad People.”

The only thing better than this would be to see his lying ass in jail, awaiting lethal injection.

It’s nice to know that at least one person at FOX is walking around without their head stuck up their ass.

If OJ thought he could curry public favor by doing this, well, talk about heads up asses.

I hope Nicole’s children make sure he doesn’t see a dime of the money. They should keep it all.

Good. Thank you for the lesson.

On CNN a commentator was aghast at the thought of all this. She said something like how it was beyond her that OJ could possibly speculate on how he’d have killed the mother of his children.

And by the way, if you care to check out transcripts of Simpson’s civil trial - which he lost - you can find some here:


Wait a sec. . . I’m confused. I thought the book had already been released.

I cannot believe that any lawyer would say OJ’s rights have been violated. Labor laws state there is no way you can make anyone do anything, even with a contract. OJ could sue for breech of contract, but only if there was no clause stating that the company could cancel the publication.

The same thing happened to Baby M’s surrogate mother Mary Beth Whitehead. She had a publishing company ready to print her book about how she was a moral, upright woman who had been harshly treated by everyone in the case, and then it was learned she was pregnant by her adultuous relationship. The publishing company cancelled the contract.