OK, so what happened to Pepsi Nitro?

Back in January, Pepsi announced a new product: Pepsi Nitro, which was to be a Pepsi product with nitrogen bubbles instead of carbon dioxide fizz. Nitrogen has been used in some alcoholic beverages, most famously in Guinness.

It seemed a bit silly and gratuitous, so of course I wanted to try it. Most of a year later, I cannot find any further info on this beyond the initial announcement. What happened?

I found a few other articles on taste tests. The last article I found was a European source in April. I still haven’t found any release dates. The tasters made it sound good… :frowning:

I’m pretty sure this is gonna go at a premium, like $10 or more for a six-pack, but I’d like to try it at least once. I get to enjoy a cola while staring into the swirls like when I’m having a Guinness. It’s odd that they made the announcement, then for most of a year, nothing.

It strongly suggests to me that they discovered they couldn’t get it to market. I’m imagining that packaging it would require different machinery than what they use for traditional Pepsi. Maybe the bottlers pushed back on having to buy new machinery, maybe they decided they couldn’t produce it in the quantities needed for a full-scale launch, or maybe they discovered that it would be more expensive to produce than they initially estimated.

Left Hand Brewingbrews a beer they call White Russian Nito. It is a weird beer I’ve tried several times. Depending on my mood it is either delicious or bleech.

The nitrogen carbonation gives it a creamy mouthfeel that simulates the cream of a White Russian.

I’d be interested in trying a Pepsi with nitrogen carbonation!

Left Hand Brewing also makes a Nitro Milk Stout, the first nitrogen-based beer I tried. The Beer Guy we were out with explained that the smoothness comes from the fact that nitrogen molecules are much smaller than CO2.

But transporting it is tricky, because the smaller bubbles can escape easier, and leave you with a flat beer by the time it gets to the drinker.

Wonder if Pepsico is discovering this?

So nitrogen makes for a smoother beer not because the molecules are smaller, but because the bubbles are smaller. Chemically, this is because nitrogen is less soluble in water than carbon dioxide is.

Transportation is a solved problem and has been for a long time; Guinness (among others) has a “widget” at the bottom of each can or bottle to provide the nitrogen when the beer is opened. I’m guessing kenobi 65 has a good guess as to the reason this hasn’t hit shelves yet.

Amazon doesn’t have it, so it probably doesn’t exist.

They do have Pepsi 1893, which is Pepsi’s original recipe, brewed with kola nut. It also comes in a Ginger version, too. Have you tried these? I haven’t. I’m curious but not that curious.


Nitrogen beer is just fine sometimes, other times I don’t want it.

I think the bottles don’t have the widget anymore?

Cocaine or GTFO.

I saw individual 13.5 oz cans of Pepsi Nitro in the Walmart while I was shopping today, so I picked one up.

You’re supposed to chill it, and then pour it directly upside-down into a tall glass without ice.

The can makes a very distinctive, bizarre “BZZ-ZOW!” sound when you open it. The bubbles are smaller, and there’s a head on the soda that lasted the entire time I drank it. I’d describe the taste as Pepsi-like, but not exactly like traditional Pepsi.

It was good, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get it again.

I noticed some in Schnucks Grocery, a St. Louis centric chain, today.

Saw it at Fred Meyer’s, in both classic and vanilla soda. Picked up the classic just now, and as soon as it is chilled I’ll report back.

It was kinda creamy and buttery. I like it better than regular Pepsi but not nearly as much as Pepsi with Real Sugar. Unfortunately, I can’t find the latter in 12-packs very frequently.

I saw a commercial for it yesterday. I want to pick some up but there was none at the store I went to. So is it supply-chain shortage or vaporware? Guess the former.

I had some about a month or so ago. It tastes like flat Pepsi, but with a fuller mouthfeel. No need to have any more.

And how are you doing?
Are you ok?

Not an easy time getting my head around that…

Figured it would stay discontinued after the band theatened to rough up some stooges at PepsiCo.

Sorry about the delay, didn’t get a chance to try it until this afternoon. I followed the instructions and turned the can upside-down over the glass letting it pour in, then I handed it over to roomie Carla (being a diabetic I couldn’t try it myself), and she said “Tastes like Pepsi, with a hint of another flavor (can’t tell what) but a lot creamier, somewhat like cream soda. I liked it. Is there more?”

@Czarcasm, how about that weird sound when the can is opened?

I figured it was the mechanism that causes the effect inside the can when you flip it over. I’ve heard the same thing when opening cans of nitro’d beer.

I was hopeful that I could maybe try it, but it’s got over double the caffeine content. I might have gotten one and tried just a
swallow (sharing it with someone else who could drink the rest), but not with that much caffeine.