Okay, Football Players Beat their Wives, but in Golf...

…Golfers’ wives beat their husbands?

First Tiger’s wife, and now this!

What’s going on?:confused:

Glover is trying to be noble but, in doing so, he is being an “enabler”. He is doing exactly what is needed for her to be able to continue her destructive behavior. The issue has to be faced, she needs to detox, and she needs a program that will put her on the road to sobriety.

Sounds like a sad story, all around. Nobody wants a parent arrested in front of the kids.

Here is the audio of the 911 call.

Lucas Glover 911 Call ‘My Wife Has Gone Crazy’

To my ears, the wife doesn’t sound drunk on the call. But the police clearly thought she was the one at fault and arrested her. Sounds like a horrible family dynamic, and if what is reported about her is true (how she responds when her husband under-performs in a professional sport against the best players in the world), she’s an ungrateful, spiteful, hateful witch.

She needs to see the sunrise through the bars of her jailhouse windows for at least a few days. I have been on the receiving side of that type of thing and it isn’t fun. I am glad the police officers assessed the situation properly and didn’t charge him with anything which is what often happens. He needs to have a good divorce lawyer on standby as well. It isn’t a private matter. She assaulted him in front of their kids and should be tried and prosecuted for it. The one time I called the police on my situation, they refused to do anything because they don’t arrest rich white women as a general rule.

The story reminded me of former MLB pitcher Chuck Finley, and his then-wife, actress Tawny Kitaen (best known for rolling around on the hood of a car in a Whitesnake video). Finley filed charges of domestic violence against her (and also filed for divorce) in 2002, when she allegedly beat him (including stomping on his foot, on the accelerator of the car they were in, with one of her stiletto-heel shoes).

Glover’s lifetime golf earning are over 20 million! And she is still not satisfied with him or the lifestyle he has given her!

Yeah - that $20 million is over 17 years, but he won $2 mill last year.

And that doesn’t include endorsements, appearance fees, comped rooms/meals, etc.

Sounds like a miserable situation, with 2 young kids.

Article says that Krista tried to “flea.” So…she jumped 60 feet in the air?

Nah, she laid down a really sick bass line.

Tiger had it comin’.

he might have the same issue as Woods did with other women. Many golfers spend a lot of time on their own on the road.