(Old) April Foolin' in the MMP

How is it that no one else has started a thread? I’m actually getting to? Or did I miss an April Folks joke by being MIA?

sets out donuts, coffee, tea, muffins… ask the yummies

Let me get this started. I’ll be back in a moment.

It’s only 3:12am my time. :slight_smile:

lol i just posted in the last thread about my day

Most of the East Coast Dopers usually get in before I can! :smile:

There is this thread that started 3 hours ago.

I expect that thread will just be for the day, and the tricks we see.

It’s been a bit since I’ve been in, thanks to crazy busyness. But things are starting to slow down a bit so I figured I’d be back among the people who always make me feel welcome!

First, Dad’s finally out of the hospital and in a skilled nursing facility. I honestly don’t know if he’s going to be going home alone. Last week, I was having to decide between a facility and bringing him home with hospice. I’m glad a closer facility has an opening and we were able to get him in. He wasn’t ready to give up but also didn’t want to be so far away from everyone. So this is giving me breathing room. He’s mostly cognizant but I’m still the one making the decisions. Not without his input and trying to follow his wishes, of course. It’s really been a tough 2024 but we just have to hope he gets stronger so he can be safe going home alone.

Tomorrow, I’m finally (fingers crossed) getting my collar off and rejoining the bending, moving, driving portion of the human race. I agree that the surgery was necessary and I’m getting feeling back in my hands (probably 85% at the moment) but wearing the collar is uncomfortable and my arm hasn’t come back to full function yet. So I’m really hoping that the x-rays show that I’m doing great and the doctor releases me.

It’s now 51 days until CtE graduates from high school. I’m still not ready. She’s not getting nervous. Yes, she. Yesterday, she came to Hubby and I to let us know what name she wants to go by (It’s a variation on her birth name). It’s going to take time to get used to the name change but it’s worth it. She’s been very happy to hear us using her chosen name which makes it all worth it.

BtY is being BtY. I’ve made the difficult decision to let him fail instead of fighting him every day to do schoolwork. He’s 15 and he’s smart. He shouldn’t need me to stand over him to make sure he’s doing his work. And honestly, I don’t have the spoons to fight with him right now.

Tomorrow is my 6 month anniversary with Partner. We’re going to dinner art the monthly get together and probably spending more time together after. He was busy moving his life partner last week so I’ve missed him a bit.

All in all, I’m happy though. I’ve been trying to find something positive to focus on every day, to look at things I’m grateful for and just generally be happier. So far, I’ve been keeping it up for about 2 weeks consistently. I’m a happy Fishy!

Good morning!

I’m just sitting here on the couch with Annie contemplating breakfast and work. I’m a little nervous because I expect today to be the day that I hear back from my (former) job. Last week was Spring Break so no one was around. Intellectually, I know there’s nothing bad that they can do to me, but I just want it all to be done without having to deal with anymore small details.

My side/hip/back is better today. There’s still a little bit of a catch, but I was able to very carefully bend over and put the dog food on the floor this morning. So the poodle shall not starve! Ok, so she wasn’t going to starve either way…:grin:

Welcome back True! I was wondering where you were.
Woke feeling blah. Gonna try and wake better. Later.

RealFish - we’re on the same wavelength - I was going to start with the very title you chose! But you beat me to it!

When we were kids, the best we could manage was “Your shoe’s untied! APRIL FOOL!!!” Stuff along that line, but never mean. I don’t like pranks that are designed to humiliate or embarrass - they’re not funny. I don’t understand the appeal of the TV shows about pranking…

Being the first, it’s the day Higgs gets her heartworm and flea meds, so I have that to look forward to. And I need to run to Food Lion for milk and somewhere for a sack of potting soil. If the rain holds off, I’m going to transplant a rose from a planter to the ground, then put some of the 'mater starts into planters. But we’re promised much wet precip from now till Thursday. rah.

MIL was asking about pet-friendly hotels near us. Her 80-y/o sister is planning to drive here in June with her 82-y/o husband who has Parkinson’s and her somewhat psycho terrier (is that redundant?) There aren’t many places around here that allow pets - the nearest is 16 miles away. But I sent her links to 3 that say they allow smaller dogs. Tho, frankly, I can’t see this trip happening, even assuming UncleJ lives that long. But sharing the info is easy enough.

And rain or no rain, we’ll be moving the boat today when the manager tells us our slip is empty. He thinks the maintenance guys used our slip to clean a boat they’d just launched. Moving our boat, from starting the engine and dropping the lines to securing the lines and turning off the engine, will probably take all of 10-15 minutes at the outside. The drive there and back will eat up about an hour.

Thus beginneth another week and month. Hope you have a crappy Moanday!


Motel 6 makes a point of how pet-friendly they are, as we discovered during that huge repair in our apartment last fall. They were totally fine with two cats coming with us (the bird stayed with a friend of ours, who would have taken Allie and Buddy as well if necessary, but we decided we needed our fuzzy morale boosters with us).

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 62 Amurrkin out and mostly cloudy with a predicted high of 80 and partly N.O.S. High sloth, general overall uselessness, nappage, and day drinkin’ is the plan of the day. We have nowhere we need or want to be and I have no intention of leavin’ da cave today. Sup shall be leftovers from yestiddy.

Fishy glad your dad has been sprung from the horsepistol. It’s hard knowin’ what to do in this kind of situation, so I wish your dad and you all the best. Yay for CtE for bein’ almost a high skool grajooate. I say you are doin’ the wise thing with BtY. Maybe failin’ will be a wake up call for him.

Sticky_Buns glad you are feelin’ better today. One must ensure the poodle overlord is fed after all.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day. Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all! I don’t need a dedicated day to be a fool. I act a fool on a daily basis.

Good morning.

It’s 39F and clear outside. It’ll be mainly sunny to start, with clouds moving in this afternoon and a high temperature of 63F.

I’m glad you’re well on the road to recovery, truefish.

I’m also happy to read that your hip is improving, stickybuns. I hope the school district’s response will not be as bad as feared.

The fence dudes come tomorrow, and if it goes like last time, the first day will be spent removing the old fence and installing posts, and the second workday will be spent installing fence boards. I’m a little worried because Wednesday shows morning rain, so I hope that doesn’t stop them from showing up. I want the fence up now that I’ve committed to it, and I don’t want my yard unfenced for very long. We’ll only the one side would be truly unfenced, but it’s the side I shared with crappy neighbors, so I’m in a hurry to have it done.

I guess we’ll see how it all shakes out.

It’s back to work today, but I’m not going into the office. They’re going to be painting the exterior of the building this week, and there is no way I want to be around that. I’ve been less than impressed with the crews that have come out for other repairs, and I don’t want paint overspray on my vehicle. I told my boss I won’t come into the office while they’re painting, and he’s okay with that.

It’ll be a long workday, and I’m just over having to work for a living. Unfortunately, I have bills, groceries, and pet food to pay for, and projects that need doing. So, I continue to work.

This coming Friday is my RDO. I’m really hoping that I don’t have anything going on this weekend—no errands, no projects, nothing. I am sure something will crop up though, and, it seems I can’t really sit still for long because there is always something that needs to be done.

I hope things go smoothly with the boat moving, FCM.

Alrighty, I should finish my coffee and get the dishwasher running.

Unfortunately, they’re not in our county - the nearest one is 50 miles away in Virginia across a $6 toll bridge. The closest one in Merrylande is 70 miles away.

The joys of living in the boonies…

Morning all, been away awhile (sorry).

Good news truefish, glad you’re getting better!
Hope FCM’s boat move is the fun kind (not the “omigod-what-happened-someone-grab-that-rope-why-is-the-bow-swinging-what’s-that-noise” kind).
Out of the loop on Sticky-Buns’ work stuff, but wishing for the best anyway! I’ll try to catch up

Avoiding a long description, I’ll detail recent life using the Python-esque: “One of the flay rods has gone out of skew on the treadle!”. And I’ve been figuratively trying to repair it. I’m hesitant about droning on here when things go wrong, but I probably shouldn’t be. Y’all are good commiserators (<- if that ain’t a word, it oughta be) and I could probably whine a bit more before being shown the door.

One problem is my 90 year-old Dad is apparently being taken advantage of by a former housekeeper. She (and family) have continually appealed to him for emergencies ranging from food, to utilities cut-off, to eviction. And he continues to rescue them, and the cost is approaching ten grand now. I don’t know whether to intervene (it’s his money) or how much. So far I’m just trying to point out the difference between helping and enabling. This seems to be working, as in the last few “emergencies” he declined to rescue them. Hopefully this will continue. There’s never a right answer to this I’m afraid. There’s a lot more to the story, but it’s becoming obvious their financial wounds are self-inflicted and he’s getting less sympathetic.

Some good news. One of our kids is at the end of the: injury->surgery->long-term-disability->recovery->return-to-work path. Kiddo is recovering nicely, and it appears that UberMegaCorp is honoring their agreement to return them to the fold - with old job intact. This is a relief for everyone not just for health reasons, the injury was career threatening.

Other good news. Sold an older, unused vehicle. This frees up a little bit of budget and a lot of driveway. Better all around. One down, one to go (We have too much stuff).

More other good news. Finally threw in the towel on training the new dog. Hired real-live pros recommended by our vet. They made more progress in 30 minutes than we did in 3 months. There’s a reason they do this full-time I guess. She (dog) is doing very well on safety commands like sit/stay and come. There are 2 more lessons on these subjects next week with the trainers, and then it’s time for our training (people). Apparently it’s a two-way effort and we have our own learning curve in this. Lucy adores her trainers and absolutely loves the lessons, so it’s fun for everyone. This is expected to continue for another 5 or 6 weeks, then taper off. It’s expensive, but she is (was) so out of control she was endangering herself anywhere we went. We decided we must be able to stop her from racing about in public or near streets for her own safety.

Good to be back, and on to the day I guess. Probable boat cleaning and/or yard maintenance planned. Or I might binge another Netflix show.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Today is our 31st wedding anniversary. It was celebrated early this morning by Q’itih waking us up with “hurk-hurk-hurk-BLEAH!” Took me at least an hour to get back to sleep, so needless to say I’m not in the best of moods. Easter dinner didn’t happen because reasons, so we’ll make it an anniversary dinner instead.

Heaved, then loaded. The one route I load usually is heavy, but this dude must have sneezed on Carole’s ascot or something, because today that package car was cubed out, and there was a 7 foot Next Day Air that another driver had to take. Spot and I have both had our dry, flavorless bits, and are both about to nap.


Yay for that, and for non starving poodles.

:champagne: :cake:HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!:cake::champagne:

Happy Anniversary Cookie! May you have many more, with or without Q’lith’s participation in the festivities.

Yanker, Good news seems to abound there. Even Dad, while maybe not great news, being able to recognize his situation and refuse is a good sign, might consider asking him to set up a budget on what he thinks he can afford to give them then live within it.

FCM, I don’ t like driving that sort of distance anymore and I’m 10 years younger and probably in better shape than they are. Hope it works out. Happy boat moving!

Taters, hope your fence work goes well; it must be larger than mine, they took nly one full day to replace it (IIRC).

Real Fish, good news on the Dad front, hope the facility is a good fit for him. And as for CtE, glad they could make their choice, just hope they realize that there are a lot of folks out there who will refuse to understand; best wishes to you all. And concur BtY needs to figure out that life will kick him in the…acorns…and there is nowhere to appeal that verdict. Best leqarned now rather than later.

Sticky Buns, Fingers and other appropriate appendages crossed that you get good news from the old job, and Yeah! that the body is behaving better.

As for me, up at 5am for micturation then slept till 7am, been fairly slothful since then but will shortly dress and head out for shop and sammich.and then see if I can get back to exercising after a week off (and what that did to my weight). Take care all and have a Good Moanday.

Did the Dope seize up for a bit or was that just my phone?
Anyhoo, off to get groceries.

i have karen carpenter singing in my head as today is a rainy day and monday. dreary out and a bit sad about ms carpenter.

hopefully the rain will lighten up or lift by the time i leave the office.