OMG. Getting requests from the friend's DOG'S facebook page.

People, people, people.

Please stop making facebook pages for your children. It’s weird, and I don’t want to be friends with a 3-year-old whose mother is actually making all the posts and speaking in her kid’s voice. That is creepy enough.

But a DOG??? You made a facebook page for your DOG??? It’s not like your dog is Boo, the most popular puppy on the Internet, who posts amazing photos and pithy sentiments. Your dog is an unremarkable DOG and I don’t want to be friends with it.

If you have created a FB page for your kid or dog, tell me about it. I want to know why people do such things.

I can see why people might do it. I can’t see why people would send out game requests and the like from one. O.o

That is more than a little weird.

Texts from the dog, on the other hand, can be pretty damn funny.

I love texts from the dog, they make me laugh all the time.

I once saw a facebook for a fetus. “I can’t wait until I come out and be with my mommy ALL THE TIME!” Woman, chill the fuck out. You’re making the rest of us look bad.

That’s actually the only reason I can see to have one. You like whatever-ville, and your experience playing it will be improved by adding friends/neighbors/posse/crew. How can you do that without pestering people you hope will still like and respect you? Make a page for your dog and make your dog play Mafia Wars.

That’s exactly why you would get a request from my dog, cat, and a couple friends of mine with names that just happen to be humorous anagrams of my real name.

Mind saving the request please? I might need that friendship. I’ve received messages saying that 3 (Three!) people have unfriended me … and I’ve never even signed up on Facebook! Boo. :frowning:

Well that sucks. FB doesn’t tell you you’ve been unfriended though, so the messages are probably spam.

Trying to cheer me up by telling me that the spammers are unfriending me also? Gaah.

My cats have their own Facebook page. I just made it for the hell of it; to be silly and to share kitty pix with my family. They do in fact speak in lolcat speak on their page. Oh well.

A friend of mine made a facebook page for her teddy bear. It’s unbearably (heh) cutesy and she takes it quite seriously. Didn’t accept that friend request.

Otoh, another friend made for his daikimura - japanese pillow with a girl’s face on. It was very tongue-in-cheek and about him taking the piss out of himself. Accepted.

My father and step-mother’s neighbors made one for their cat. It’s very light-hearted and silly. They’ll post a picture of the cat sleeping in a patch of sunlight with the caption, “Another busy day.” Once they had a picture of him with a mouse he’d caught, with the caption that said something like, “I am the mighty hunter, but my people threw away my kill. They do not appreciate me.”

It’s only updated once a week or so. I look forward to it. It’s fun.

Sorry, I don’t mean at all to judge you for doing it! I’m sure each pet page needs to be judged on its own merits.

And I know, just because I can’t fathom doing something doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t love doing it. Skydiving, for example. :wink:

But funny aside, my next-door neighbor got MAD at me when I didn’t accept her 3-year-old son’t facebook request to be friends. She thought I was dissing him or something. (She also thought I hated her other son because I yelled at him to put down a pizza cutter that he was brandishing with malice at other small children.)

Oh, that’s different. That’s friending crazy. Not recommended.

woof woof woof


My father created a FB page for our family dog. 6 months after the dog died. Tried to friend me with it. Actually asked why I didn’t accept.

I don’t get it at all.

As opposed to being with mommy all the time for nine months?

You suck the fun out of everything.

Look, I didn’t analyze it. I was just appalled.

Yeah… yeah. I’ve gotten two friends requests from my friends’ dogs. I love my friends and am rather fond of their dogs, but fuck that shit. It’s bad enough you people post 100 pics/day of your dogs as it is, and tag them when you go places, but I’m not about to read status updates from a Shih Tzu. That’s not even a real dog.