OMG... it's GONE!!

I am a dork…
I lost something that was precious to me (like precious as the Ring was precious to Gollum!!). It’s my own damn fault and I’m kicking myself as I type this.

I bought myself the LOTR soundtrack on CD awhile back. OK, good purchase for the LOTR freak I am. OK, I played it a few times, taking GREAT care with it, like I said… “precioussssssss”.

I put it away for safekeeping and… and… now it is GONE!! I put it somewhere it would not get ruined, stolen (you never know, people), or touched by another human hand again except for my own. Well, being the mental giant I am (was sad sniffle), I’ve lost the CD. Lost… LOST I say! Never to be found in the chaos that is my bedroom. Never took it out of the bedroom for fear of… yeah yeah yeah, losing it. And so I’ve lost it anyway, to my utter amazed stupidity!! ARRRRRRRGH.

I don’t have the cash to buy it again or I would and be done with it. I’m going batty, literally nutso. I’ve lost IT, lost…

sounds of muffled weeping

um, you could clean your room. Just a thought…

[sub]sorry - that’s the mom in me talking…[/sub]

Ah, the infamous “safe place.” I never put anything in a “safe place”, because in my lexicon, “safe place” is a euphemism for “I will never see this again.”

If you’re positive it’s in your bedroom, here’s a couple places to try looking:

Underwear drawer (underneath everything, way in the back)
Closet shelf
Under the mattress
Nightstand drawer (if you have one, of course)

There are, of course, a million other places, each specific to the room. If you are the kind of person who keeps boxes of stuff (like a box of photos, a box of old greeting cards, what have you), I say check those, too.

As someone who frequently loses things, I wish you luck!

Watch out for little people that want to challenge you to a riddle contest. Under no circumstances should you accept “What have I got in my pocket?” as a valid riddle.

Clean… ? What… is clean?
Methinks a hobbit stole my precioussss… or something. My room has a system though, if I clean it… the world will end. And that’d would ruin a lot of peoples’ day.

Clutter has an order to it, at least for me. Too much stuff, stuffed into a room… well, it’s my clutter and without redoing my system, the CD will stay where it is. I never let certain things get borrowed so I know it’s not with someone else. I hope the clutter on my desk has swallowed it because I can clean the desk without ruining my system. Now, with my kiddo off from school for the next two weeks, the desk will have to wait. sigh

Phew! I’m so happy to read I am not the only person who puts something away so they won’t loose it only to NEVER find it again.

SanguineSpider, check the top of the fridge as well.

I say Frodo did it. He can’t be all that good.

It’s in the crisper. Next to the cheese.

It’s either there or the trolls under your bed are having a good laugh at your expense. Perhaps you have a fat hobbitses or two for trade?

It’s there. I know it is. All my precious things are in/on/at/under/behind the Somewhere Safe I put them. I know this to be true.




joins Sanguine Spider in sobbing for lost precious things
rallies bravely

It’ll turn up as soon as you get the money to buy a new one.

In the meantime, DON’T THROW ANYTHING OUT, whatever you do!

Whenever I lose something it’s always in the last place I look.

If I go and buy another CD, it will turn up to mock me. I only throw out trash after I check the bag for stuff that shouldn’t be in it (nerves make me do it). I’ve lost some important paperwork before and I will not let a trash bag out of my room without going through it thoroughly before it goes outside.

The CD HAS to turn up sometime, right? It’s not gone past the door and out into the world, I know this. And my daughter hasn’t discovered it. She’s so good about not grabbing onto other people’s stuff, she likes her own toys and that’s that. This is all my doing, losing the CD… no one to blame but me. I’ll just have to destroy my system and clean up weary sigh.

I think there’s a oubliette (cheesy Labyrinth reference) in my room, in one of the murky corners that I’ve not seen. It’s in there and I must take care not to end up in it myself because that would REALLY suck. No one would know if I fell in, not even you, gentle reader. Unless one of my “fans” noticed my absence and came looking after a month or so. But still, my “fans” don’t know exactly where I reside and Hellizona is a big place.

Maybe the gnomes took my CD. I once had a thread about all the different sort of gnomes that live in people’s houses that steal different things. I had a list about them and they probably didn’t like being revealed to the world… ah, revenge is best served cold, eh?

Yeah, I put two rings in a safe place while cleaning one day, because I didn’t want the cleaning solvents to mess up the stones. I found them about two months later, when I just happened to look in a box that has a watch with a dead battery.

You don’t necessarily have to actually clean, you know. You could simply section off your bedroom into quadrants, then, one by one, take every item in one quadrant and move it into another. If that doesn’t turn it up, take all the stuff from a second quadrant and, item by item, put it in the now vacant first quadrant. Repeat as required.

I realize that you will wind up with one double-loaded quadrant, so perhaps you could start by clearing an area in the middle of the room, then moving first-quadrant stuff in there. Or pile it on your cleaned desktop. And don’t forget to open every single item large enough to have engulfed your CD.

Maybe cleaning your room is a better alternative after all…

What’s in my pocket?
Are you talking about TLotR TFotR soundtrack?

I may have two of those.

Hey that happens to me too!

Damn sock gnomes probably took it.

Have you looked in the CD player?

This is why I always rip my CDs :smiley:

Notwithstanding the results of every IQ test I’ve ever taken, I am truly dense about some things. For instance, it has taken most of my life for me to be able to recognize the thought, “I’ll just put it right here so I won’t forget where it is,” as the despicable cunning of my subconscious mind that wants me to spend three hours hysterically ripping apart the house looking for tax records/car keys/important little plastic doohicky/my favorite earrings/the thing my husband asked me to put away and not to lose.

That voice is evil, SanguineSpider. Don’t listen to it. Do not let it lull you into stuff-stuffing complacency. That way lies madness.

What I do–and this may work for you–is this: when I hear the wicked little urgings of that voice, I say to myself (not out loud because that would scare people), shut up, little voice! Now, when I want to find this again, where will I look first? And that is where I put it.

Did you lose the disc - or the case and with it the disc?

My LOTR sdtk went missing. Just the disc. It turned up scratched beyond repair under my sister’s bed.

I know it sounds obvious but if you are missing just the disc, check all the players in the house. (Well, really even if the case is missing too, someone may have just taken the whole thing out to play)

And - would anyone have taken it into a car to play whilst driving? All the CDs my father ‘loses’ turn up in his glovebox.

If it’s any help, an amazing amount of things that I lose turn up literally inside my bedcovers. Between the doona part and the cover. Wierd, I know.

Hmmm. If not your underwear drawer, try checking your underwear. I always find that strangely reassuring.

At any rate, I recently lost my wedding ring. You can, I’m sure, imagine the wailing and nashing of teeth. I’m unsure of whether it is lost, or stolen, or whatever; however, it is clearly not in my posession. Thus, I am a goner.

Also, contrary to the laws that govern all lost items, buying a replacement has thus far failed to reveal the whereabouts of the ring. And, despite it’s resemblance to the Ring of Power, I’m relatively certain that my ring bears few, if any, magical powers, beyond bestowing the incredible power of flatulence on my cat. In the words of Dave Barry, I swear I am not making this up. I am also fairly certain that neither a hobbit or Sauron currently has my ring.