OMG... it's GONE!!

Abdominal Snowman, you lost your ring and it looks like the Ring of Power? Have you checked the bottom of the river? Doubtless some careless orc tripped and it fell off his tusk and into the drink.

Seriously, I also lost my wedding ring for 2.5 years and it looked very similar to the One Ring (swirly markings and all that). It was found just a week ago underneath the couch right where I though my kids lost it for me. It went invisible whenever I looked for it there.

The CD is snug in the case and so both are lost to me. When I begin to look for it, the frantic fidgetting will commence as I check each place it “should” be and do not find it. There is an air of desperate expectancy because I’m only thinking about looking for it, I haven’t started looking yet. I’m anxious about the search, pitifully hopeful and too afraid it won’t be found.

I’m very good about keeping CDs and their matching cases together, and the only time I played the LOTR CD in the car was on the ride home from its purchase. The car CD player is a nasty beast of a thing and will use teeth on unwary CDs so I don’t use it much. Foul thing.

I’m hoping I’ll dream about it, that I’ll get a clue to its whereabouts and go from there. I once solved a puzzle in a dream and then used it to solve the puzzle in real life so the odds of a dream hunt helping me aren’t too bad. This may be stretching my luck a bit, you think?

Stretching your luck? Yes, just a tad, methinks… But, best of luck with your “quest”! :slight_smile:

The only solution I can think of is buy another one. But then the original will turn up in any stupid place and laugh at you, hard, and say: see see I was here all the time.

It’s gone into the spacewarp, SanguineSpider. The spacewarp is a place inaccessible to those who have the verbal skills to express the mere fact of its existence. I know this because when daughter whiterabbit was preverbal at about age 1-1/2, she toddled off with my keys one day into a hallway where every door was shut, giving her access to nothing but a closet that had a curtain hanging in front of it (hey, it was a cheap apartment). A moment later, she emerged keyless. I emptied the closet. No keys. I replaced the keys, yet the lost keyring still did not emerge from its hiding place.

Until one day about two months later when she toddled back into the hallway. Same situation, all doors shut, access to closet only – and emerged a moment later with my keys. I have begged and begged and begged her to tell me how she reached back into the spacewarp for them, but she insists that she’s lost access to it now that she can speak of its existence.

Oh, and by the way, your LOTR CD is keeping good company with mine. I bought it when it first came out, listened to it once, and it vanished never to reappear. And did I mention the one CD from my two-CD Messiah set that disappeared until I finally gave up several years later and spent another $50 to replace that particular recording, only to have it turn up sitting in a CD player that I know I had used frequently in the intervening interval???

Pretend you don’t even care where the stupid thing is. Then, when it is least suspecting, pounce on a likely hiding place and there it will be!

I swear, it works for me, most of the time. For example…every year, without fail, I lose a Christmas Present before Christmas. It has become tradition. And every year, either late the day of, or the next day, said present turns up.

I have turned the house upside down looking for this years’s Lost Present. Today, I gave up and resigned myself that it was GONE. Not 1 hour later, guess what I found! Yep, the Lost Present.

One of my favorite hiding places is to take out the drawers in my dresser and hide it on the carpet under the bottom drawer. Just a thought.

Now you know all my secrets.

I can’t believe that you hide things there! THAT’S exactly where I hide my most precious jewellery (diamonds, emeralds, etc)! … and I thought I was being vewy, vewy clever! :smack:

A friend of mine actually cut up the carpet, made a hole, in the floor (we’re talking concrete) and then hid his stuff there. :rolleyes:

So, how’s about a joint rummage in your bedroom? :slight_smile: Sounds good to me, who knows we
might even find your cd as well!

OMG, your friend must have had some pretty precious stuff to bother with going to all THAT trouble!

Another favourite hidey-place of mine used to be cutting out the centre pages of a hugely thick book … yadda, yadda, I’m sure everyone has seen/heard/done it before!

Anyway, SanguineSpider, don’t forget to ask your angel if they happened to borrow it! trying to maintain logic, here :dubious:

Spider, you fool! Can’t you see it! It’s right there! No, there! Turn over that pile, there! No, THERE I mean, it is right in front of you, silly! I can’t believe you don’t see it! Just look there, under that book, right in front of your eyes!

I mean, really!

I’m sure it’s right there with the gift tags and cards I bought at Target last week.

SanguineSpider, if it’s any consolation, I found my husband’s original wedding ring in the bedroom under a stack of newspapers. Of course, I found it two months after I replaced it! :smack:


Strange…when I lose something, it always turns up right where I left it.

When you put it that way, how can I refuse? What an offer, naked slave toy helping me look… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad I’m not the only one with wandering CDs.

How 'bout this:

I had something that my husband would always borrow without permission, thus diminishing my enjoyment of it. So I hid it in the most perfect place that he would never think to look in.

You guessed it, I couldn’t remember that most perfect place.

And then, in the process of moving house, my husband found it - as I knew he would have to.

If it’s there, perhaps the Underwear Gnomes accidently took it. Since it doesn’t fall into their business plan, maybe they will give it back to you.

Listen up, people! You all helped in your very own individual ways to bring about the finding of my LOTR soundtrack CD. I have found it… YESSSSS, I have. It was in the second place I looked, my daughter’s shoebox that I had a few CDs in, for some wacky reason (don’t ask 'cuz I don’t know!). It was on my desk of cluttery death and doom, waiting for me to find it.

Your helpful vibes issued through the computer screen and into my world, and made its finding possible! YOU did it! YOU helped me to find my precious CD soundtrack. YOU are wonderful and amazing creatures!! THANK YOU EVRYONE!!!

My fretting is over at last! WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!! And I don’t even have to throw that sucker into the fires of Mount Doom. My CD isn’t evil and it won’t turn you toward the dark side of your soul. WHOOOOOOOO! I thought I’d have to kill someone to find it but thanks be to all that is holy and GOOD, it is FOUND!