OMG THAT GIRL KICKS ASS...or, Survivor: One girl's sad guilty pleasure

Okay - so I’m watchin’ Survivor (shut up!) and that Dara girl - kicks some serious ass, does she not? OMG - Winning immunity 3 times in a row!! Has another contestant ever done that? And was it a female?

I was impressed.

Thanks for listening.

Yogini :slight_smile:

Now I’m annoyed that Burton, that big jerk, said in his “closing statements” after the boot…“I hope you can sleep with yourself Lill. You betrayed me.” (Because she broke their alliance and voted him out). I CAN’T believe he said that. I mean - - he and John voted for LILL!!? (Which was breaking their alliance too!!) WTF?

And it bothers me that now CBS is referring to that BCS John as “Johnny Rotten”. It’s an insult to the Sex Pistols (and my cat who is named after the original" rat bastards.

Okay…thanks again for letting me vent. I find this place so theraputic.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Namaste. Yogini :slight_smile:

(BTW - feel free to post a reply. It’s okay, no one will laugh at you long for being a Survivor fan. Maybe loudly and obnoxiously but not long. lol!) I see all you lurkers! :wink:

I didn’t get to watch anything except who was voted off. It really didn’t surprise me though, John has been such a coniving jerk that I think the women finally figured out that they can’t trust him. It’s about time, for goodness sake! I think John will be the next to go and it will be down to just the women…just like it should be :wink: .

There’s a pretty decent thread going on about this over in Cafe Society, as well. There usually is every week. :slight_smile:

Moving this to Cafe Society.